It’s June…!! Do you remember….!! This is that wonderful time when some years back, The most exciting things of our lives used to happen.

“Our school used to re-open…!!!”

For a moment, just think of it all…….

It’s June…!! Do you remember….!!

And try, if u can visualize those days….

That excitement of a New Bag…!!

New Books….!!

The end of an exciting vacation, with a tinge of sadness….!

A bit of anxiety on the 1st day of another school year….!!

The unforgettable Smell from d Pages of New Books….!!

New Subjects….!

New Teachers…..!!

New Sitting Positions in d Class….!

And Most Exciting was to Welcome our Best Friends in d Class…..!!

The sight of our secret ‘crush’ after a long gap….!!

The Pouring Rains Outside…!!!

The shopping for Raincoat!!

Everything around us freshened Up…

Lush Green….

Cold and Pleasant..!!

Wasn’t it the most beautiful period of our lives…!!

It can never return…

But you can always Close your Eyes for a moment, and try to relive it…. ๐Ÿ™‚

And donโ€™t forget 2 experience the same, through the Kidโ€™s heart….!!!

Wishing you a ‘nostalgic’ June…!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey this is a beautiful crafted words about june, I just read it and go in to my childhood this is amazing experience.

And I like to it share this about june, Hats of anyone who collect this thought and put it in words.

Hope you Enjoy it, …… Like it Share it.

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  • Wonderful experience of that childhood. ..thanks for sharing and taking me back to that unforgettable memories. .

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