Malware Among Us: How to Avoid Malware

The age of the Internet has had an immense effect on nearly everything in the world. Unfortunately, the wide ranging and far reaching nature of the online world has made it surprisingly simplistic for malicious people to spread malware such as viruses, worms and Trojan horses.

Malware Among Us: How to Avoid Malware

This malware can have detrimental effects on a person’s personal data which could include compromising their identity, slowing down their computer speed and destroying everything contained on their hard drive.

Businesses are especially at risk for these malicious attacks, but it isn’t always the businesses that a person would suspect. It is true that fifty percent of attacks on businesses happen to companies that employ more than twenty-five hundred people, but twenty-eight percent of online assaults actually happen to companies with fewer than five hundred employees. This means that every business, regardless of size, is at risk.

There are some common safety measures that people can take to avoid these sometimes disastrous occurrences. Keeping the computer’s browser and operating system up to date is an easy way to ensure the best malware protection possible.

Companies should also always train their employees to prevent any possible security issues or information leaks. Most instances of malware could be prevented if only people had the appropriate training to recognize dangers.

Here is a nice Infographic shown. Have a look on How to avoid Malware.

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