Mistakes to Avoid with your Online Security

Security measures are becoming prevalent is every aspect of our lives, and much like we ensure that our security at our businesses and homes are updated to prevent burglaries, people forget the online security needs to constantly be updated and maintained to ensure our profiles and private information is not also ‘burgled.’

Mistakes to Avoid with your Online Security

Hackers are now moving in groups and their focus doesn’t only fall on large corporations like the FBI and CIA, but also to the smaller private persons who put their banking details and information on the internet payment systems.

Online Security Mistakes to Avoid

Brad Gobble is the manager of information security at a company called Mozy which is an online backup service. His advice is that people need to think like thieves when they are putting their information onto online communities such as social networks.

Over-sharing is common practice when it comes to Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms which make online security difficult to stay-up-to-date with, so Gobble suggests that people keep their private information to a minimum on these networks.

The simplest suggestions such as: posting pictures of your car’s licence plate, and pictures of your home and address, should be avoided.

Data Protection

As the pen and paper become more a part of history and the keyboard becomes the mode of written transport we keep absolutely everything in computer filing systems. Your little laptop, where you store all your banking information and email addresses and passwords, is not free from hacking.

Hackers are an invisible force that stretches its tentacles into even your most private and prized information. Updating your security with free online security software is essential. Data is like a currency nowadays so each computer or mobile device should be assigned its own, and unique, password.

Password-protection and the encryption of files should be mandatory for you. Your taxes, invoices and private data are easy prey for hackers, particularly bored ones who are just in the mood to play around.

There are many options for online protection, and Pretty Good Privacy is a great option to encrypt your files. There are bigger measures that you can put in place to protect entire contents that you’ve placed on your computer, such as File Vault, and Bitlocker.

Software Update

Updates happen for a reason, and very often it’s because developers have found a hole of some sort and then they’ve fixed it. This means if you don’t update your software, you’re leaving yourself open for hackers and prying eyes to peek into the contents of your personal files.

Loading updates is one of the easiest ways to maintain online security. If you’re too lazy to do it yourself then activate the auto-update function. It’s that easy.

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