5 Ways To Entice Website Visitors To Act On A Landing Page

Undeniably, there is now a wide variety of options that visitors can choose from. The online world has clearly proved that nowadays, anything and everything is available online. Options vary in types, quantity, source, and price; these make every product unique and interesting. Confidence about your product is a key but cannot always close a deal – there is always a need for unique, effective marketing strategies to keep you going.

Market the Product

It starts with showing that you know your product and it will be very easy to make your visitors appreciate it. People vary in taste and preference so it is very important to spend time listing, ideally in bullet points, the best specifications and uses. This will make it quicker for them to make a decision. Give concrete yet indirect comparisons from other similar products but make sure not to sound like you are desperately attacking the competitor – always be professional.

Create Urgency

Introduce your product in such a way that the potential buyers will regret not buying it at once. An effective means is to create a sense of urgency by specifically stating deadlines – until when will the offer last? How long will the sale be? Is it a limited offer?

Take a look at this example from Australian start-up Fitheory.com:

Entail Scarcity

People feel more pressured when they are informed of the possibility of soon losing the product that they want due to scarcity of time or resources. In parallel to the need of creating urgency, it is helpful to as well show limited resources – “Only 1 slot left”, “Hurry, only 2 rooms available”. Do you notice that these are commonly used for hotel bookings? Quite effective, yes?

Another way could be through increasing the cost of the product as time passes by. This will make them appreciate the current price as they expect it to change soon. Try to also put some deadlines (“Only one week left until the prices increase”, “Offer for the next two days”) together with the indication of price increase.

Set a Limit

Urgency always goes with setting limitations. Limitations or deadlines could add more pressure and make your visitors instantly buy a product. Some ways include using timers and showing that an offer is soon ending, making them want to simply click on that “Buy” button.

Use Social Proof

All above-mentioned ways will be useless if your customer doesn’t feel that your product is viable and can fulfil it’s promise. Always highlight the benefits that it could bring the buyer, but using user review and rating data is a great way to showcase your product as a quality product in the market.

Amazon.com do a fantastic job of this with their average user rating star rating system:

In conclusion, be sure to incorporate a number of the above ideas to drive more sales and conversions from your website today.

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