How to make money with Shorte.st (link shortener)

No cheating, I’ll explain how to monetize this and other blogs in a simple way and without deceiving anyone or flood your blog with hundreds of ads . As you see in this blog. No clicks on ads or anything like that, really the best way without much effort.

The only thing that is needed is to have a blog or web page where you can publish some banners and outgoing links so that your visitors can download or access more content. As simple as that.

Visit this link

Press the “register” button located in the upper right corner. You will see a simple form with 3 boxes that you need to fill out – email address, repetition of the email address and password. Accept Terms and Conditions of Use and click on the “register” button – it is orange. And that’s it! Now look at your inbox to receive an activation message and confirm your email address.

How to make money with Shorte.st (link shortener)

Now all you need to do is click “click here” – it’s the orange button. Ready! Your account has been activated and you have already logged in! Shorten and Share!

Shorten a link and win!

The dynamic is very simple, when someone clicks on a link, this will take you to a new page with advertising that will appear for 5 seconds, after this the person can access the final content, in this way and according to the origin of the users, you’ll be earning a small commission for each click on a shortened link.

On the homepage or on any of the subpages you will see the link shortener a long green box. Just paste or write your link laaargo and press “shorten”. Now you can copy your small link or shorten another link. All your shortened links will appear available in the “statistics”.

Win with Referrals

Sharing your shortened links is not the only way to make money with shorte.st. You can also invite new users. For each of the guests you will receive 20% of your winnings. Go to the “Referrals” tab and share your referral link with a single click on Facebook, Twitter or G +.

Win with Banners

In the “Referred” tab we have prepared promotional banners that you can use in your web, blog or forum. All you need to do is copy the banner code and paste it into the HTML code of your page. Easy peasy! Now the money will flow to you!

Withdrawal of money

The minimum withdrawals are: $ 5 with PayPal or WebMoney and $ 20 with Payoneer. To withdraw the funds you need to fill out your profile completely, fill in all the boxes and save the changes. They pay on the 10th of each month.

WordPress Plugin

The Shorte.st monetization plugin is probably the easiest and least disturbing way to monetize your WordPress blog. It is configured in a simple way and the plugin adjusts itself to the spaces so that your blog will not be crowded with ad banners or pop-ups. You have control at all times.

Aha but how much will I win?

Depending on where your audience comes from, the payment depends on the country where the click originates, the highest rate is for the United States $ 14.04 for every 1,000 clicks, Spain for example is the Spanish speaking country that pays more $ 3.50 per thousand, followed by Mexico with $ 1.10 per thousand. To give a real example, in one of my blogs a little over a month ago, I had a high traffic of visits from Mexico in 1 article and thanks to that I earned $ 150 in 2 days. Everything will depend on your visitors.

To see all the country rates, visit this link; https://shorte.st/payoutrates

Shortest allows you to earn money without having to break your head, so now you have the free time you need to write those wonderful articles that will earn you a lot of money with visits.