Androrat Apk Download – Remote Administration Tool For Android

Androrat Apk Download,..Because of the customizations available in the Android operating system, It became the most used operating system in the world. But when it comes to security even it is the most popular operating system it has some loopholes/bugs in it. Many software/tools are used to crack the security of Android devices. One of them is Androrat Apk. It is a Remote Administration/Acess tool for Android devices which let you control the device remotely from any computer or mobile.

Androrat Apk Download – Remote Administration Tool For Android

Androrat Apk Download – Remote Administration Tool For Android – KADVACORP.COM

What is AndroRat?

Androrat is a tool which allows you to remotely control someone’s Android device. By using this tool you can access to his/her call logs, SMS, contacts, and stored files. You can also get IMEI number of someone using this tool.

Features of Androrat Apk

It has many awesome features. Some of the features are –

  • You can see contacts.
  • You can get call logs.
  • Monitor calls and messages.
  • Take a picture from the camera.
  • Stream Videos and audio.
  • Give a call.
  • Send SMS.
  • You can open something in their default browser.
  • Do vibrate the phone.

Requirements To Use Androrat Apk

  • A No-IP account to download DUC client. To create No IP account visit Here.
  • You have to download Androrat. Download Androrat from Here.

How to Setup and Use Androrat Apk

  1. After creating an account on No IP and making a host you have to Port Forward your router (open port 6667).
  2. Make an account on No IP.
  3. Download DUC from No IP website.
  4. Open DUC.
  5. Log in and Click on Refresh Now.
  6. Now open the Androrat Binder (which you downloaded earlier)
  7. After opening Androrat Binder, go to No IP tab and enter your information of No IP account.
  8. Now Click update (try again if not working in the first attempt).
  9. Go to build tab (The difference between build and build+bind is that in build only the framework of the malware is created while in build+bind the malware is hidden in the app specified and the victim will not be suspicious of the app)
  10. In IP, enter your hostname from No-IP. In port, enter the port that you have forwarded in step 1.
  11. Before pressing the go button, install Java from here even if you have installed it before – Java
  12. Now press go. You will see a new file “framework.apk” in the Androrat folder. This is the malware your victim needs to install. You can upload the malware on free file sharing sites such as ZippyShare or email it to the victim
  13. Open androrat.jar from the Androrat folder. Click on Server->Select Port. And input the port that you forwarded in Step 1. You will need to restart the jar file after this step.
  14. When someone installs your malware on their phone you can see their data.

Note – 

  • Disable your antivirus, Windows Firewall, and Windows Defender before using Androrat.
  • This tutorial is for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for misuse of the apk in any way.
  • Port forwarding is a must for users who are using routers/wifi devices.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.

That’s all you have to know about androrat apk. If you have any query or issues you can comment below.

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