The Evidence You Should Collect in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Even though the number of registered motorcycles in the US is pretty low, accidents involving motorcycles are high. In fact, motorcycles account for 14% of all accident fatalities.

The fatality rate in motorcycle accidents is high due to the lack of safety features a motorcycle offers. The lack of helmet use also contributes to this fact. Sometimes, accidents happen due to errors made by other vehicle drivers. After all, negligence is the most common reason for auto accidents.

For accidents caused by someone else, the victims have the right to file a personal injury claim. In personal injury cases, the plaintiff bears the burden of proof. So the plaintiff must prove their case. Victims will need the help of experienced lawyers to gather evidence for their motorcycle accident claims.

Evidence You Need to Win a Motorcycle Accident Claim

You and the lawyer should work together to obtain a positive outcome. The following evidence can help you win the motorcycle accident claim easily:

  • Medical Records
  • Photos and Videos of the Accident Scene
  • Witness Statements
  • Police Report
  • Expert Witness Testimonies
  • Documentation of Your Damages

Medical Records

Medical records are the best and easiest evidence you can collect. Medical bills are proof that you have sustained injuries due to the accident. It is also proof that you have spent money to treat your injuries.

Medical bills can prove the final element of personal injury law—damages. Collecting the medical bills also makes calculating economic losses much easier.

Photos and Videos of the Accident Scene

Photos and videos are strong evidence that can prove your case. Take photos and videos of the accident scene. Photograph the damage done to your motorcycle. Also, take photos of tire skid marks and other elements that could help your case, such as traffic signs.

Witness Statements

If you haven’t sustained any major injuries, try to speak with witnesses and collect their contact information.

Witness statements can help a case to a great extent. Witnesses would have seen the accident from a different perspective and could provide more insights into the accident.

Give the contact information you collected to your lawyer. Your lawyer will take care of the rest.

Police Report

It is illegal to leave a crime scene before the police arrive. The police will make an official report of the accident.

This official police report will consist of the time and location of the accident, statements of the parties involved, witness statements, etc. You can use this police report in court to prove your case.

Expert Witness Testimonies

An expert witness is a person who is a specialist in a particular field. They can provide insights into the case just by looking at the case facts.

For example, a doctor can look at the medical documents and tell the court about the severity of the victim’s injuries and how long they will need to heal fully. This can help in calculating damages.

Documentation of Your Damages

Documenting your road to recovery can help prove your case. Keep a journal and document your recovery process. Write down things like the pain you feel due to the injuries. This documentation can help in proving non-economic damages. 

The court can understand the pain you are going through by reading your journal. Your journal will also inform people about the number of days you felt this pain.

Final Thoughts

As said, the plaintiff bears the burden of proof. Submitting relevant evidence is the best way to prove your case. The aforementioned evidence can help a lot. A lawyer can help collect relevant evidence. Collecting evidence can be quite hard when you are hurt due to the accident, which is why seeking the help of a lawyer is a necessity.

If you are a bike accident victim, hire a lawyer and let them prove your case and obtain fair compensation for you.

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