Broken Link Building: The Only Guide You Need

We often face the problem of broken links while opening the web pages and sometimes you face (page not found) this is the error occurs. 

Broken links building is the process of identifying broken external links on the websites. The main purpose of the process to replaced with the new links to your working page.

Getting the new link build offer you the quality and relevant link and allow users to avoid any dead ends while browsing.

Broken Link Building: The Only Guide You Need
Broken Link Building: The Only Guide You Need

Search operators for finding broken links:

The first step is to find out the relevant websites from where you get the links that would be beneficial to your content and start with the general and see what site come back in the search.

The following are some of the examples of as a starting point.

  • “Keyword” intitle: resources
  • “Keyword” intitle: recommended
  • “Keyboard” intitle: resources intitle :submit< add sites to their pages
  • “Keyboard” inurl:edu- pdf< foe those sweet edu links. Search excludes
  • “Keyboard” inurl:org- pdf intitle: resources< specific searches that produce the lot of appropriate  pages

Few search tips:

Use the minus sign (-) to exclude the certain result, see the examples below

  • Focus on the elimination of the result that are PDFs  “-pdf”
  • Eliminates all results parts of the Wikipedia. Org domain
  • Eliminates all the results that focus on the specific words (- word)

Specify where you want the keyword search. For example

  • inurl: keyword  <- return result where the keyword in the URL
  • intitle keyword <- return result where the keyword in the title
  • intext keyword <- return result where the keyword in the text

If the person really wants to get the solution of the query check out the point Black SEO post

Tool for finding the broken links:

  • domain hunter plus- The domain hunter allows you all the domain available at the moments and analyze all the links on the pages and get you the all broken link which has the option to export. Chrome extension is very useful in finding the broken links. If you are looking to buy the domain here is the comparison among Hosting
  • Ahrefs site explorer– Best tool for showing all 404’d outgoing links for the domain
  • Checks my links- Another chrome extension
  • Screaming frog- Like ahrefs, this tool helps more than just identifying.
  • Broken link builder– A web app
  • Xenu link sleuth- This is the powerful tool and allows the facility of the learning curve.

Qualifying Pages

This process of pages consumes lots of time but it will ensure the success by saving your time and help to reach the every broken link.

More often it will consume energy to get to right contact information and to craft the right kind of message.

Pages can be characterized as a low quality for numbers of reasons:

  • Too many outbound links
  • Lots of spammy backlinks
  • Contents that is barely related to your niche
  • A hacked page without outgoing links to common spammy niche
  • A low word count and contents that does not offer much value

Reaching out to prospects

Along with the help of the qualifying pages which help the previous results and analysis.

Get approach to the prospects links that help to save your time and money as well.

Follow the best practice to outreach:

The best way to reach the objective is to get the planning and practice that will replace the broken links with the new links to your site

Have good resources to share:

Make sure the asset you are trying to build link to is:

  • Must be a match or relevant to the site you are reaching out to.
  • The resources must be high quality and valuable

Search for the best relevant pages:

Your focus should be on the relevant pages where you want to find out the broken links rather than wasting the time on the other pages.

Run the domain hunter plus to get to relevant page


Once you find the relevant page with the broken links, after that use the tool like

Double down on the relevant broken links

Sort the results by domain rating in order to find out the domain that is relevant and then rearrange the list of the domain by domain rating.

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