Got Initial rankings in just 4 days for targeted keyword without backlinks!

So, As the title says, My Affiliate site 1 is growing! Growing in sense, It got initial rankings in google in top 100 results for targeted keyword.

Ranking targeted keyword without backlinks!

One more thing you might find shocking is, I have not created a single backlink for my Affiliate site 1. What I did is I just wrote the Homepage having great content and Published!

One the other day, Boom! Ranking on the 8th page (#74) for exact targeted keyword. And, Here is one more thing that will be shocking for you is the domain age is only about 5-6 days from now.

Rank Targeted keyword without backlinks!

Yes, I just purchased the 2 domain at 19th April I think. After that, One day was utilized in setting it up and 1 day to write homepage of the site. That’s all what I have invested in this Affiliate site. In total, I have invested about 6 hours in total for Affiliate site.

I am going to continue investing 1 hour a day on an average till the site ranks. My target is to rank that site using the content only. That’s why It will take huge time to write lots of content on the site.

So, Let me share you my SEO strategy with you in detail.

My SEO Strategy for Affiliate Site 1

Priority 1: Lots of content

If you are my regular reader, You might be knowing that I believe in “Content is king”. That’s why my first target will be to rank my site with the base of content only.

What I will exactly is I will write articles on the blog and will improve the interlinking structure of my site. So that I can spread the link juice in whole site and also can target some more keywords by writing the articles on the blog.

It’s not like I will write content till the site gets rank on the #1 position but I will write content even after the site gets ranked. It is because sudden drop in the quantity of content published on the blog will look fishy.

I will slowly leave writing content on the blog. Here comes the most important reason to give a try to content first and backlinks after that.

It is because, In december, Google may roll out Penguin update. Which means, Lots of sites having Spam backlinks will get removed from the SERPs. It means that more content will help me to rank higher as well as some of my competitors will be knocked out by the Penguin update.

That’s why I can rank with the power of content only. At least I can give a try. If I will fail, It will be proved that content is not only the king. If I will rank, It will be proved that content only can rank you on the top of the SERPs.

As you know, I Am going to keep you updated by posting articles as I am doing now. So, Due to penguin update, I am just going to rank with the help of content.

But, After may too, How I will make backlinks to the site?

Priority 2: Backlinks

Backlinks used to decide the rankings before some years. If you want to rank on the search engine for any type of keyword, Just make on page related to that topic and do keyword stuffing and make backlinks.

On the other day, you can see yourself ranking for any keyword. You can get lots of traffic and easily make lots of dollars. But now, It is not the fact.

Nowadays, Only getting backlinks is not important. Backlinks from Authority site matters. The site from which you are getting backlink might not be authority but if it has good content then also, you can see the effect of that backlink.

So, once the google’s Penguin update rolls out, I will start making web2.0 properties and I will publish content on them with backlinks pointing to the money site. I will try to get backlinks from some authority sites too… But I don’t think I will be in the need of it because I am much confident about the content I am going to write on the blog.

Sure, I will update the backlinking part once again with whole article once I will start making backlinks. Now, Here comes the most important part. Timeline for rankings!

Timeline for rankings!

  • 20/04/2019 – #106th position
  • 22/04/2019 – #74th position

Conclusion: You might be thinking that How I jumped from #106th position to #74th position. When I got rank on #106th position, there was no content on the site except meta and title. While, on 21st, I wrote the Homepage for the site and on 22nd(today) I got my site at 74th position.

So, this is how site is growing, I will keep updating you till I will post income reports of Affiliate site 1. So, If you want to get updates directly into your inbox, Fill own below given form and subscribe to Kdv and also comment down any question you are getting in your mind related to this topic.

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