How To Get Traffic To Old Blog Post

It is quite a challenge to get enough traffic to your blog so that you can earn some money online, but it is an even bigger challenge to get traffic to your old posts.

Your traffic ranks are improved by a great deal if you can get people to read your older posts along with your newest post.

When you write a real quality article that will be well liked by all readers, it is a pity if it does not get enough traffic just because it is an old post. These are a few reasons why it is important for you to attract people to your older posts.

How To Get Traffic To Old Blog Post

Here are some sure fire methods that will help you to get enough traffic to your older posts.

1. Random Posts Plug-in Related Post

This is one of the most common methods that are used to generate traffic for your older posts. In this fashion, you can show the links to your older posts on the sidebar of your blog.

Ideally, it should be placed below the links to your recent posts. With the aid of this method, you can increase the visibility of your older posts to your most ardent followers and fans who want to go through whatever you have ever published on your blog.

How To Get Traffic To Old Blog Post

As the selection of posts is random, it is very popular with most bloggers.

2. Interlinks

Interlinking is a great technique with which you can literally kill three birds with one stone.

  • You generate traffic for your older posts.
  • You provide more value to your readers and followers.
  • It also improves the Search Engine Optimization of your website by a great deal.

When you are in the process of writing a post, try to link the keywords that you have covered in your earlier posts. Google is especially friendly to blogs which are strongly interlinked.

Even if you do not consider the SEO advantage, which are quite obvious, visitors to your older posts is an added incentive. Posts interlinked with the correct keywords give you an extra edge over fellow bloggers.

3.Update Posts

With the advent of Google’s new update, fresh, quality website content is more important than ever, so a little freshening of old posts can really help improve your search rankings.

It may be as simple as correcting your typos, adding links to related blog posts or adding a few keywords. Or you may want to add new information or a new opinion you’ve gained since writing the post originally. If you change the post significantly, consider promoting your update on social media.

4.Use Tweetily

If you have a WordPress blog, consider adding the Tweetily plugin (formerly Tweet Old Posts.) It automatically schedules random tweets of previously published blog posts. I have several friends who use this and rave about the new traffic they are getting on old posts.

5.Timely Sharing

Say someone likes the link you just tweeted for an article about a new conference format and you wrote an article about a similar format you used last year.

Why not respond to the person by sending him the link to the old post written by you, saying something like, “You might like this as well”? Or say you just “Liked” the Facebook business page for a company whose CEO recently spoke at a conference you organized.

You might want to post a link to the blog interview you did of that CEO on the company’s Facebook wall.

6.Mention in Relevant Online Conversations

Say you are on a Twitter chat or talking to someone about icebreakers and your conference used a fun icebreaker that you wrote about on your event blog. Make sure to provide a link to that blog post.

Remember, you never know who is watching. I’ve found that links I post in conversations often receive the most clicks. Let the public aspect of social media work for you.

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