Logical Tests Will Boost Your Critical Thinking

How good are your logical thinking skills? Give your brain some training by trying to solve this math test. An enhanced attitude will help you in your everyday life.

So why not do a little mental workout with these fun logical tests. They will definitely improve your day and distract you from your routine.

All of this requires your brain to focus on something new.

If you get stuck, you can scroll down to check the answer. Are you ready for the challenge? lets go!

QUIZ 1: Can you figure it out?

This quiz, that is sometimes used for Asian schoolchildren

Is not as easy Quiz as you might think. Let’s see if you can find out the trick and solve the math puzzle.

How you can calculate it: Quiz

  • We have three pair of shoes which are equal to thirty in the first equation.
  • Then in the second equation, we have two cats and one pair of shoes, which add up to twenty
  • The third equation includes two whistles and a cat. Which gives thirteen as the answer.
  • Finally, the fourth equation, which you have to solve, consists of a pair of shoes and a cat whistle.

What is your answer? 

QUIZ 2:  Can you complete the pattern?

Can you complete the pattern? Take a look at the first four watches, now imagine that you had to build a fifth watch.

How would you set the time on that to continue the pattern of other watches?

Keep a good eye on it and keep a solution in your head. Now, let’s see if your results from both the quizzes were accurate. It is time to check the answers:


  • To determine what the shoes equal, you simply need to divide 30 by three (as there are three equal parts). So, shoes = 10.
  • 10 + cat + cat = 20. So the cat equals 5.
  • 5  + whistles + whistles = 13. So the whistles equal 4. 

Therefore, the final equation can be translated into 10 + 5 x 4 = ?  Hence, the solution is 30.


Second quiz results
Did you get the pattern? The second clock is 1 hour and 10 minutes behind the first, the third one is 1 hour and 20 minutes behind the second minute, and the fourth is 1 hour and 30 hours behind the previous.

Thus, the last clock should be 1 hour 40 minutes behind the fourth.
Therefore, the correct solution is: the time should be set at 5:35.

Were you able to solve these brainteasers? Challenge your friends too and pass these quizzes to see if they can solve them too!

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