Succeed in Blogging – 11 Point Check list to Know If You Can

Everyone knows that thousands of blogs are being created every year, and only a few of them taste success. If you are one of those successful bloggers already, your journey may go on well without many obstacles. But what about those who fail miserably. They waste not only their money but also their valuable time and other opportunities. Even if you are someone who has just started blogging and still waiting to taste success, you should read further:

Is there any one test that can help you determine whether you will succeed in blogging or not?

Succeed in Blogging – 11 Point Check list to Know If You Can

Succeed in Blogging - 11 Point Check list to Know If You Can

The answer is: NO, there is no straight answer.

What then? How can we find if we can succeed in blogging or not?

After blogging for almost 12 months, I jot down a few points of checklist that can help you find whether you are going to be what you always wanted to be i.e., will you succeed in blogging or not. Here they are:

Will you succeed in blogging?

Do you have the passion you need?

People just say, ‘be passionate,’ ‘have passion‘. By the way, what is ‘passion’? Passion can be defined as ‘An extreme interest in doing something’. Let me start this part with two quotes.

“When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn.”

“There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson.”

Now answer my question. Do you have that passion for setting yourself on fire with a burning desire to become a successful blogger? Is it blogging that you want to make a career from? Or is there something else? And again, do not stop there. Ask yourself why you are passionate about only blogging but not something else you have learned so far. A bit of research into yourself can do good so that you find your passion.

Do you know the lifestyle of a blogger?

Once you are through the first question, you must know the lifestyle of a blogger. It is said that bloggers can have their own and different lifestyles. I don’t think it is true. Different bloggers approach blogging differently. That’s it. In the end, every blogger does almost the same if not completely the same.

I ask you to know the lifestyle of a blogger. It’s because I don’t want you to complain later. There should be no regrets at a time when a complete turn-around will almost be impossible. You might remember Robert Frost’s ‘Road Not Taken’. There’s no point in saying, “Only if it had been…” So make sure that is the lifestyle that you want to have.

Can you write what matters?

Passion and awareness of lifestyle alone do not help you succeed in blogging. You often hear people say ‘Content is King!’ It’s so true that no other phrase can dare come to define ‘content’. See if you can write something that attracts people, keeps them busy for sometime and appreciate it. See if you can present things in a unique style. Check if you can rewrite an article in such an interesting way that people can find it fresh. (I don’t advise you to learn to copy things).

Are you social?

A blogger is nowhere without being social. As everything you do is associated in one way or the other, it is important that you find yourself playing an active role among your social circles. Being social is one of the key prerequisites of a blogger. It helps you build relations, get constructive criticism from people and a lot.

So, ask yourself if you are a social person. Can you find your place and make a mark of your own on social network sites? If so, you are in!

Are you a student?

Sorry! You got me wrong! I am not kidding. No academic textbooks, no project works and no worthless seminars here. But you must be a student again. But this is a different kind. Are you ready to learn from your experiences? Ask this question. It’s quite necessary that you learn from your mistakes because your competitors are learning from theirs fast. You should not lag behind.

Are you innovative?

Blogging is not writing ‘filler content’ but ‘killer content‘. So you must be innovative. Be open to new ideas and new people. They may give this world a wonderful product or a life-changing technology, and you will be the medium. Read this quote:

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Hence, if you want to be the leader, be open to new ideas. If you have what it takes you to produce innovative content, you are in!

Are you ready to acquire new skills?

With ever-changing technological advancements, we feel the need for us to catch up with them. Or else, we get lost. As a blogger, you may (will) come across many unexpected problems that sometimes throw you back to where you began. To make sure it does not happen, you must learn new skills. It may be some designing skills, coding or something. What I mean to say is, you should learn. If you have that (passion) to learn, you will do!

Are you ready to accept failures?

Blogging is not an electronic equipment that comes with a one or two-year warranty. You have to be ready to accept failures. (I know you say to yourself now: “Failures are stepping stones to success’. If so, good.)

Are you ready to bell the cat and take a risk?

This might sound weird. But you read it right. You can’t take things for granted and keep posting on what all other bloggers usually do. Take some courage to bell the cat-oh, my! I am saying it again. Coming to it…Write something controversial but make sure you don’t bury yourself completely. Be smart. I don’t advise you to be intentionally controversial. There may be times when you need to be controversial. Then do not hesitate to take a stand and shout. If you can do that (only when you need to do it), you will make a blogger.

10 Are you ready to face the criticism?

While I am trying to say that you need bell the cat, I also say that you must be ready to face the music (face criticism). How do you usually react to someone who criticize you? Fight? Argue? Neither works here. On the contrary, you should be wise enough to accept criticism without taking it too personally. If you have that knack, you will undoubtedly be successful as a blogger.

Are you ready to appreciate others’ work?

How many times have you read something great and left the page or the blog without leaving your feedback? If the number is even ONE, you are not showing signs of a promising blogger. Hey, great blogger! Yes, it is you. Do you like what you have read? Mind it, you are a promising blogger and I am sure you will leave this page after writing your feedback.

Do you think you will succeed in blogging? Tell us.

ONE THING! Did I tell you that I take only APPRECIATION? I am open to CRITICISM as well. Use the comments section.

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