Google Keyboard Android Apps For Handwritten Messages And Supports Multi-Languages

Google Keyboard Android Apps: Google has launched a new handwriting keyboard for Android called the “Google Handwriting Input”. It will work on all the version of Android post the Ice Cream Sandwich and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

This Google Keyboard Android Apps For Handwritten Messages And Supports Multi Languages including Gujarati and Hindi,…etc. The essence of this keyboard is that you can handwritten messages and the keyboard will convert it to text.

Google Keyboard Android Apps



The big update here, though, is new Personalized Suggestions. Upon first loading the keyboard, I was prompted with a line that read “Personalization is on. Touch for info.” Once touched, a pop-up explained that the Google Keyboard uses data from other Google apps and services to improve suggestions and corrections.

It also made it clear that this info is only stored on the device.  The Google keyboard android apps supports multi languages, including Gujarati and Hindi. While keyboards support handwritten messages are not something new. It is a boon for languages which are complicated to be typed out in a keyboard.


Google Handwriting Input is just like any keyboard and all you need to do is head to the Play Store, download the application, set it as default and you will be ready to go. The Handwriting application registers both stylus and fingers.




 Download Google keyboard android apps :  Google Keyboard

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We were surprised how the keyboard made sense of our haywire handwriting, the keyboard also recognizes numbers and special characters rather swiftly and accurately.

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