The Best Affiliates Programs For Design Blogs

As a design blog, you may feel that your choices for the best affiliate programs are limited, but this is not the case. Just because you are not selling a product does not mean you cannot take advantage of the many affiliate programs available.

The Best Affiliates Programs For Design Blogs

The Best Affiliates Programs For Design Blogs- High

Many affiliate programs have different plans/programs within. You can choose the one that suits your design blog. If you cleverly use and manipulate affiliate programs, you can increase your traffic numbers without having to spend much money.

1 – ClickBank

This may be one of the most well-known affiliate programs. They tend to sell digital products, such as membership sites, e-books and software. However, there are occasions where a design blog can sneak onto their network and take advantage of their popularity. It is also a very good starter network for if you have never advertised via an affiliate program before.

2 – LinkShare

This is supposed to be the largest network available at the moment, although there are now so many networks that it is probably hard to track. It has over ten million affiliate partnerships. One of its strengths is that it is still pretty good at international advertising. Most affiliate programs make you pick a program per country, but you will not have to do that as often with this program, as it works well in a few foreign countries. LinkShare itself is the name of its program, but it has over 2,500 affiliate programs within its own platform. A program with such a broad reach is good for any blog, design or otherwise.

3 – ShareASale

This is another program based in North America. It is a good place to advertise your deign blog because it is a very secure program that is also ethical. You are not going to find your adverts on a self-harm website or a racist website. They have a good customer service department and their commissions/payments are reasonable enough to advertise a non-profit making blog on.

4 – Google Affiliate Network

Google allows you to place bids for just cents. Your small bids are not going to have your advert appearing in any prominent places, but Google’s reach is so big that you are going to pick up a nice trickle of viewers for your few cents per day. If you want to increase your traffic numbers then you can use the Google webmaster tools to optimize your campaign, and increase the amount you are willing to pay per click.

5 – ClixGalore

This is a program that is based in Australia, but also operates within the UK, the USA and Japan. This is a good affiliate program to join if your design blog has a sign-up process. For example, if your design blog has a newsletter sign up or a sale/quote inquiry function. If it does, then you should use this affiliate program because it is a PPA affiliate network (Pay-Per-Action). This means that your blog can get a lot of exposure that you do not need to pay for unless someone signs up for your newsletter or makes an enquiry.

6 – Commission Junction

This affiliate program is very big in North America. It does operate globally but has a good system in America. They have very nicely balanced the relationship between the merchant and the host site. This means that advertisers such as yourself do not have to produce manipulative click-hungry adverts in order to get them shown on other people’s websites.

7 – PeerFly

This is another PPA network that has its very own proprietary software system. They have a lot of merchant programs, and some of them are more suitable for your blog. Ideally, you want a PPA advert that gains as many viewers as possible, with a few enquiries/sign-ups was possible, whilst still being appealing enough to attract people to hosting your advert. That way you get plenty of traffic without having to spend much money.

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