How TRUiC Simplifies Business Formation

Starting a business can be intimidating. The process can come with many challenges and obstacles that, at first glance, seem insurmountable. A journal devoted to analyzing the process of starting a business describes entrepreneurial ideation as a “Series of choices that entrepreneurs make as they engage in the process of starting a business.”

Therefore, forming a business can be understood as the sum of each step and the equivalent of all the right moves. This is complicated by the current world climate, where businesses are expected to comply with various standards pertaining to the pandemic. In the same vein, more and more businesses are moving to the online space. This means that there is competition between not only physical businesses but also those that have chosen the virtual route.

Ultimately, what grabs the consumer’s attention in the competitive marketplace? Is it their consistent usage of social media or their quality? In a word, yes. But, these applications of a business are only accessible once the consumer base is familiar or knows of the brand. We’re often told not to judge a book by its cover, but every day we are inundated with business names and brand identities. So what is in a name, and how do you formulate the right one?

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How to Create an Innovative Brand Name

There is no clear, transparent way. Many businesses have opted for a literal translation of their service – think Facebook or IBM. Whilst others have created something singular or dynamic to represent their brand, like Twitter or Uber. There is a discernible question with either option: how do you formulate a brand or business name that is instantly recognizable and uniquely likable.

Brainstorming is a key process in inventing a business name, and in turn, starting your business. It is a step that cannot be overlooked. You might consider grappling with an acronym or searching trends in your field. These are time-consuming steps, but they are a vital first step towards the foundation of your business.

Business Name Generators

Online generators are not a new concept. But, you can now harness them in your own business. With a platform like TRUiC, you can make use of their Business Name Generator. This free tool uses cutting-edge algorithms and an intuitive AI system to formulate a number of business names for you.

How the Business Name Generator works

With TRUiC’s generator, you can take the first leap to start your business in four easy steps:

  1. Select two keywords that effectively represent your brand or business.
  2. Divulge the industry that your business will operate in.
  3. Provide a business location.
  4. Peruse the business name options that the AI has generated.

The Business Name Generator is also categorized so that you can see industry-specific names. Similarly, you can search for state-specific names.

Starting a Business: Made Easy

Alongside the Business Name Generator, the internet has a variety of other services to get your business up and running.

If you have an entrepreneurial eye but have not come up with the right idea yet, you could benefit from a Business Ideas Generator. This functions in a similar way to the Business Name Generator but formulates ideas for you based on your skills and entrepreneurial pursuits. These ideas can be optimized to suit your needs. Do you want to have your business function remotely, or is there a category you would like to fit into? These are questions that you will need to consider before using the service, but once you have, there are endless categories waiting for you.


If a business is the culmination of steps, a name and an idea are significant cornerstones. While these foundation moves seem formidable, they do not need to be undertaken alone. Online platforms such as TRUiC offer a wide variety of business-related information, services, and advice. From registering your business name to researching business trends, you can locate and act on your business needs.

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