Amsterdam Light Festival Photos of Light Sculptures by Dutch & Intl. Artists

The city of Amsterdam sets the stage for the Amsterdam Light Festival. The Amsterdam Light Festival runs from November 28th, 2015, until January 17th, 2016, shows 38 light sculptures by a variety of Dutch and international artists. This Light Festival Of Amsterdam held for over fifty days in winter, This year, the 55-day Amsterdam Light Festival is dedicated to theme ‘Friendship’.

Amsterdam Light Festival Photos.

Amsterdam Light Festival consists of two main routes.

  1. The boat route, Water Colors, offers a unique view of the city from the perspective of Amsterdam’s famous waterways.
  2. Or are you more interested in going for an evening walk? Bundle up and get outside for the walking route, Illuminate, that winds its way through the culturally rich neighborhoods Weesper and Plantage in Amsterdam East.

Here are some of the installations that are part of this year’s Amsterdam light festival.


Polygonum by Tom Dekyvere.


Paths Crossing by Ralf Westerhof.


Open Loungen by Geraud Peri?ole.

Theme Based Light Sculptures.


Northern Lights by Aleksandra Stratimirovic


Light Kite by Tijdmakers


Uniting Lightstar by Venividimultiplex

Lights of Hope.


Run Beyond by Angelo Bonello


Talking Heads by Viktor Viscek.

Artist around the world, come with their creativity and play with light – Amsterdam light festival became a live with this lighting sculptures, creatures, decorations and also give one new life in the city of Amsterdam.

Let’s celebrate the winter together with art, light and water! We hope to you like to take part in Amsterdam this winter! Have a threads on it? Share with us here bellow.

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