How Video is Transforming Business-as-Usual

As an independent professional, you might be bombarded with friendly advice on “what you should be doing” and “the next best thing”. To a lot of you, creating video content may fall into the same category.

You may wonder – is it really worth using videos for promoting my small business? Do I have enough resources to create and use video content in my marketing? Is video marketing the best use of my limited time and money?

The answer is simple – yes, it’s worth it. And how! Not only because everyone’s doing it, but

because study after study has shown that video is one of the most powerful, versatile and profitable digital promotional tools available to you. With everyone online all the time, video has become more crucial than ever for building your personal brand and promoting your service offering.

‍What kind of videos make sense for solopreneurs?

One of the main video content types that businesses use is introduction explainer videos, which is nothing but a crisp video that captures the USPs of your service.

Whether you’re a freelance graphic designer, local realtor or independent lawyer – show your face, tell your unique story and share why people should choose you over anyone else in a high-impact video, embed it on your website and share it on your social media, and convert clients faster than ever before.

Other popular types of video content include vlogs (video blogs), video interviews, video presentations, tutorials, product reviews, product demos, recordings of live streams, video testimonials, and video ads – all of which you can harness as part of a concrete video marketing strategy to accelerate your business.

Here are 2 benefits that affect your business bottom-line:

1. See increased web traffic with video

Want to jump to the top of search results for your service in your city? Believe it or not, it is possible to improve organic traffic from search results by 157% using video. Can you imagine nearly doubling your web traffic just by adding an element as simple as a video on your home page? It’s totally possible! Additionally, videos improve click-through rates by 65% and decrease unsubscribes by 26%.

Pro Tip: Search algorithms prioritize video metadata, so make sure you create accurate and enticing titles, tags and descriptions when uploading your video.

2. Convert clients faster with video

Has your business taken a setback due to the pandemic? 93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media. This increased quality of leads can be attributed to the sheer quality of education that video brings. Not only do customers gain trust in your ability to deliver, but they’re also able to educate themselves about your offering through interactive visuals.

Pro Tip: Encourage your existing clients and customers to share video testimonials and upload them on your website & social media.

It’s no longer a matter of choice – when it comes to marketing yourself, video-first is the way to go. Remember to take stock of how your core clients consume content and also where! Be authentic in your approach, have fun and always leave your community feeling empowered.

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