5 Online Business Marketing Hacks For Startups

There are hundreds of Online Business Marketing Ideas available on the Internet. But for the small or Mid-size business startups its look some difficult to market themselves on World Wide Web.

Here in this article, I’m sharing 5 effective online business promotion ideas which will be much helpful to grow your startups online. These 5 online marketing hacks are proven and successfully used before.

5 Easy Hacks For Online Business Marketing

After starting a business we all need to promote it either online and offline. There are many ways to promote your business. But online business promotion could be a great option to reach your customers worldwide. Internet marketing provides many low-cost and effective marketing options.You can use them for promoting your business.

1. Set Up Your Business Website:

If you want to get your business online, then first build a great business website. You can set up your website own or either you can hire someone for design your website. Select a good web hosting company for host your business website.

Web hosting price starts from 3.49$ per month. Use easy navigation menu setup in your website with all useful information. Add contact page in navigation with NAP ( Name, Address, Phone).

2. Online Business Directories Are Still Effective :

Online business directories are a great way to promote your business. Submit your business details in online business directories. Fill your all details like Business Name, Complete working address (locations), and contact no. etc.

Try to submit business details in all popular business directories in your country. You can give a link back to your own business website. Use Google to find out about popular yellow pages and online business directories.

3. Social Media The Powerful Giant Of Marketing World:

Nowadays Social Media is a great tool for build up your online presence. Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for promoting your business, products and services.

If you have a Facebook account then create a Facebook business page. Update your page on daily basis. Encourage your visitors to ”Like” and ”share” your business on social media.

Use Twitter and LinkedIn for targeting your business related topics and customers. Linkedin is the most powerful tool for B2B marketing. Join social communities, Lists Groups to increase your presence and authorship. Grow visibility and increase trust. Ask them questions to find out what they will like in a business as you.

Inform them about your business and share how can you help others. Create and release your Videos on YouTube and Link back them to your business website. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and this online video library is helping thousands of startups to get business leads.

4. Use Search Engines Pay Per Click Ideas:

There are a lot of websites, who are  surviving online, due to their unknown presence. For promoting your business online investing a little money is not a bad idea.

So you can use Pay Per Click advertising, Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing PPC services are the best way to increasing your online presence and finding new leads.

You just need to select a daily budget for your website and set a price for every click. You only have to pay when someone clicks on your website advertisement. According to your targeted market, you can choose sidebar ads.

Focus on keywords then if someone will type something  then it will come up on the right side of  search results as small ads.

5. Online Classified Sites Is Generating Hundreds Of Leads Every Day :  

If you are looking for an option which can generate some business leads with the promotion. Then classifieds advertisement will be another good way to fulfill your requirements.

Many big brand and companies are using classifieds advertising for promoting their brands. First find some best and High PR classifieds website. Select a category and post a classified advertisement of your business, services and products. 

By using these classifieds web portals you will not only promote your business even will generate new business leads.

These are the great ways by that you can market your business globally. I have used these ideas for many clients and I got impressive results, Now it’s your turn.

Keep Patience:

Marketing your startups is not a one day match. You will have to keep patience while online marketing. These 5 tactics are proven and result oriented, but if you want a fast result and ready to spend some money for marketing then can use another paid online business marketing techniques.


  1. Choose good web host for hosting your site.
  2. Optimize your business for local customers. (Hey, I can do this for you ???? )
  3. Build a strong social media presence. Social media can build your brand 300X faster than any other Marketing Tool.

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