Creative Social Space Design Make Modern Urban Home Lusty

Social Space Design: This is about Creative Social Space Make Urban Home for family. The fabulous House on Princess of Wales Road was design by Hyla Architects. As a highly details home customize for the family of four living here.

Then heading up to the marvelous master bedroom. Via a cantilevered Patagonian Walnut timber staircase looking down to the pool deck below. This heavenly resting space showcases a rain forest tree in the middle. Making your evening routine the most coveted event of the day.

Inspiring Creative Social Space In Contemporary House Architecture

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Key Features of Creative Social Space Make Urban Home :

A stainless steel mesh gate and screen make for a protective entrance. Those lucky enough to live here walk past it to find a heavenly modern home. With social spaces opening towards a stunning lap pool lined with greenery.

This Creative Social Space modern home, formerly a semi-detached house turned into a bungalow. That is now a highly contemporary place to live a modern lifestyle. Imagine yourself coming home from work to find. You can indulge in a well-deserved lap session and sunbathing afternoon in the courtyard.

creative social space,creative social space,creative social space,

Architects knew how to create a soothing feeling throughout: “ A unique spiral staircase connects the master bedroom to the study above. Here, the shelves are inspired by the shape of the Liane Roses sofas.

The kids rooms are custom designed to the children’s own brief as are their bathrooms.” In the boy’s room, a custom designed bookshelf steals the design show, while the girl’s room provides a cheery atmosphere via pink nuances.

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