How to Generate Leads without Cold Calling

Cold calling is a part of any telemarketing campaign but, it is one of the most dreaded tasks for any telemarketer. Cold calling may often result in the prospect hanging up, ignoring, or even yelling at the call made by your telemarketer. There are chances that the inbound leads generated by your marketers would suffice to meet your requirement. But most businesses need to supplement their inbound leads further to keep their pipeline full. This article discusses some of the effective ways to generate leads for your B2B business without cold calling.

Lead Generation For B2B Businesses

The lead generation journey is a long one that begins with a single step! And, for any B2B business, that very first step fuels the marketing funnel or the sales process of an enterprise. Lead generation involves the collection of potential customer information which includes their name, email id, company name, job title, etc. This information is later used by marketers in their various digital marketing campaigns along with personalizing their communication. Simply put, lead generation helps to turn prospects into paying customers.

Drawbacks Of Cold Calling

Cold calling forms an integral part of the telemarketing process and has been around for a long time. However, as the process involves unsolicited calls made by the representative of a company to share its sales pitch, it becomes difficult to visualize how any receiver will react. If you are an agent or a firm tied up with some banks to sell their credit cards, you may well wonder, “How to generate leads for credit card sales”? In another instance, if you are a start-up company, you may wonder, “How to generate leads for the business in India”? In such scenarios, chances are that you may have a database obtained from an unknown source that induces you to make those unsolicited calls. Though cold calling isn’t appropriate, sometimes it can prove to be beneficial as it allows reaching potential new prospects. However, there are always drawbacks associated with cold calling, prominent of which you must know.

Prospects Might Get Irritated

Due to the many promotion calls made by the various businesses persuading their prospects, it could get irritating. Chances of the prospects ignoring or banging those call increases. Many times the prospects may not even pick such calls from unknown numbers.

No Guarantee of Prospects Being Receptive

A telemarketer will need to work tirelessly if they wish to get lucky in getting the right candidate! However, there’s no guarantee that the prospect will always be receptive during the conversation, or the follow-ups later on. It can lead to the lowering of the esteem of your telemarketer.

Business Reputation Can Get Hurt

Another important point that any business should need to bear in mind is that a poor cold call can even backfire. It can hurt your company’s reputation. Even a minute mistake by a telemarketer can make all the efforts go in vain. You may not only lose a potential client but, also earn a bad impression.

Generating Leads Without Cold Calling

You may be associated with a hotel business wanting to grow your sales, or you may be a start-up business wanting to increase your visibility. And, you have decided to generate your leads without the cold calling option. What do you do? Luckily for you, there are many effective ways in which you can generate leads without cold calling, let’s look at some of them. After all, for example, who won’t be keen to know how to generate hotel sales leads or how to generate leads for credit card sales?

Leveraging Social Media

Social media platforms help you to generate new leads. It enables you to establish that sense of power and influence to attract your target audience. Without annoying your prospects, you can engage with the active ones that are interested in knowing more about your brand or service – that’s where social media can work.

Email Marketing

Today we are in a digitally-driven social world where emails are the most effective ways to interact. Sharing messages and information about your product or service with your targeted audience can be an impressive way to derive a better Return on Investment (ROI). By launching an email marketing campaign you can optimize your engagement, increase click-through rates (CTR), and improve your conversions.

Engaging Online

An online activity like writing blog posts on your company website, or commenting on interesting articles online, or using influencers can be effective ways to engage with your prospects.

Providing Incentives for Referrals

Word-of-mouth recommendations are the most effective ways to spread the word. You can always think of inviting some of your highly satisfied customers to help you out. By offering various incentives, you can encourage them to share your business with their colleagues, friends, and family.

Conducting Surveys

Once you feel you’ve run out of all the options to generate your leads, this tactic of conducting surveys becomes the perfect one for you. It helps to open up a conversation with your prospects. Once a conversation is opened up, you can then search the social network or your cold prospects list for their details, and accordingly shoot them an email. You can even shoot them a message in LinkedIn InMail.

Sales Lead Tracker – Tracking The Sales Journey Of Your Leads

Now that you have created and updated your database with the various lead generation methods discussed above, it only means that your sales process is in full swing. At this point, it becomes essential for you to track the sales journey of those leads. Also, you may even require an old record of a prospect to understand the full conversation any of your business personnel had.  Fortunately, there’s a tool available that helps you to track and maintain all conversational transactions.

A tool that helps to monitor your sales leads and their journey in your sales pipeline is the sales lead tracker. It has options to generate reminders, alerts, and performs other tasks to keep you moving ahead in your sales funnel. The sales lead tracking software facilitates your marketers to prioritize and pursue your most valuable leads.

What If You Don’t Know How To Generate Leads?

You cannot make sales if you do not have the leads. And, lead generation forms an integral part of any sales pipeline. The lead generation methods that were discussed above aren’t going to generate the leads instantly for you. But, are you are in a hurry and want to get those leads through the door? Well, there’s always a solution that’s ready for you!

Choosing a reputed lead provider can help, and is always advisable for you. This is true especially when you are looking to gather a large number of leads in the quickest possible time! Data Provider is a company that deals in vast datasets that are reliable, verified, and conform to the latest government guidelines. Into the latest trends of digital marketing

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