Must-See Temples in Bangkok: Which ones should we visit?

Thailand is not only famous for its beaches but also for its temples. In this post we will tell you in our understanding which are the most famous and important temples in Bangkok. If you want to know what other things you must do in Bangkok – you should visit the Thailand Guide

Wat Arun Temple (Temples of Bangkok)

The first of the temples in Bangkok that we visited and one of the main ones in Thailand was the Wat Arun. To get to this temple if you start from the main pier of the city you must go to pier number 8.

There is another boat that will cross them from the opposite side. Wat Arun is the only temple in Bangkok that is located on the other side of the Chao Phraya River.(Visiting hours from 8 to 18)

Its name Wat Arun means temple of the dawn, when we went we had the bad luck that they were renovating it.

The worst of that was that we could not get to the highest part of the tower which is 82 meters high, but anyway it was worth it because it is one of the most important and beautiful temples in Bangkok more than anything for its architecture and decoration.

The entrance only costs 50 baths which is a little more than a dollar so it makes no sense to stop going. All the tickets both to the temple as well as to any attraction in Bangkok or Thailand itself are very economical.

I recommend visiting the main temples of Bangkok on the same day as they are all very close. This temple is also very nice to see at night either from the opposite shore or from one of the boats since it is completely illuminated.

Wat Pho Temple

(Visiting hours from 8 to 18:30)

From Wat Arun Temple we continue to Wat Pho Temple. We crossed back to the other side of the river to walk to this temple that is a few steps away.

The entrance to Wat Pho costs the same a little more than a dollar and it is very worthwhile since inside is the famous and so important for this religion the reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha Bangkok

It represents the exact moment and so representative for Buddhism in which Siddhartha Gautama due to his illness came to nirvana. You can also see in the picture a little of the traffic chaos.

I assure you that Bangkok does not reach what is Vietnam but it is chaotic compared to our country, however it is very rare to see an accident despite not having many traffic lights and the way they drive.

You will be shocked to see how impressive and immense the figure of Buddha is and more to be covered with gold. The Buddha is 46 meters long and 15 meters high, fitting inside the temple where it is located without leaving much space to walk around it. It is a visit that can not be missed, personally you can not believe how big the Buddha is.

To enter it is mandatory to take off your shoes so that day remember to put on a more or less presentable stocking.

Inside the temple we can find a lot of amazing places to visit. There is also the massage school where you can take a few classes or enjoy having them done for you.

When visiting the temple, the entrance fee includes a small bottle of water. Essential for Thailand, you always have to take into account the dress more than anything for women who can not have bare shoulders or knees.

There are several small hotels around this temple. Some of them can be booked at Karta.

Grand Palace of Bangkok

(Visiting hours from 8:30 to 15:30)

After the Wat Pho and also a few steps away is the Grand Palace.

If you want to start at this place, you should get off at Pier 9. When we arrived and saw the amount of people there made us want to enter a little, but we had to get to know it since it is the main attraction of Bangkok.

Obviously it’s worth it but dodging people all the time and not being able to take even one photo made it not what we liked most about Bangkok.

The entrance fee is 11 dollars, being a little more expensive than the other temples.

All the information about the Grand Palace can be found on its official website.

Emerald Buddha Bangkok

Inside the palace is the Wat Phra Kaew Temple, in which the Emerald Buddha is located. It is the most important and revered in Thailand, imagine that the only one authorized to touch it is the king

To enter the temples of Bangkok where a Buddha is located, it is mandatory to take off your shoes. The Grand Palace cannot be entered with bermuda shorts or muscle. We had read that they usually tell you at the entrance that it is closed to take you to know another place.

It didn’t happen to us and the truth is impossible to believe that when you see how many people there are. I recommend you to go as early as possible. The visits to both Wat Arun and Wat Pho are quieter and there are usually not as many people as in the Grand Palace.

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