How to Select Perfect E-mail Marketing Software

How do you select the E-mail marketing software for you? It depends on really many factors. You just can’t use any E-mail marketing software.

Here in this article, I will show you how to select the best e-mail marketing software on which you can remain for a long time. Nowadays, when some E-mail marketing software sends Emails from blacklisted Servers; Your subscriber will get your E-mail in Spam folder which is not at all a good thing for your Business or Blog.

Now, let me tell you more about how the mail system works. Here is it,

This image is the simplest I could find from the web. If you don’t know much about emails; you will find it hard to understand. Each email you send to anyone passes through many stages and finally reach the destination.

How to Select Perfect E-mail Marketing Software

How to Select Perfect E-mail Marketing Software

And yes, It has to pass from verification too; If it will fail, it’s destination will be the Spam folder of the receiver. If it happens to you, it is really bad for your business.

It is because no one opens Spam folder except to delete the emails arrived in that folder. Now thinking about one another problem; the tabs of Gmails.

Here, the Promotions tab of Gmail sucks! You can say it is the another version of Spam folder. No one opens the Promotions tab because it does not contain important emails.

If your emails are being sent to the Promotions tab of the subscriber, it is the right time to change the E-mail marketing software.

Here is the method to check whether the IP from which your emails are being sent is Blacklisted for spam or not! First of all, open the E-mail and click on Show original.

Now you will get E-mail in plain text or HTML just like the following image…

After Copying this article, you can use this tool to check whether the server is blacklisted for spam or not. Just Like I did it in my case, you will get results.

The server from which one site sends me mail isn’t blacklisted at all! You can check the IP of the Test Mail or you can subscribe to your own list to check every time you get mail.

If the Mailservers of your E-mail marketing software are barred; You can move to another E-mail marketing software.

Now as you know how to see whether your E-mail marketing software is perfect or not. Now let me tell you how to find good E-mail marketing solution if yours isn’t that good.

Gmail Trick!

if you’re the subscriber of some blogs, they might be sending you newsletters regularly. As the e-mail is being sent to you by the blog owner through E-mail marketing software that he/she use. You can see Hostname or IP of the Server from which E-mail was sent to you.

We all get Brian Dean‘s Newsletters in our Primary tab, we can use same E-mail marketing software to send mail in the primary tab of our subscribers.

To check which E-mail marketing software anyone use, Open the NewsLetter sent by him/her and check just like below-given image.

As you can see, it was sent via which is really good E-mail marketing solution. Just like this, here is what iCreate use to send NewsLetters. Top 5 Email Marking Software will redirect to MailerLite which is being used by me to send NewsLetter to my subscribers. It is really good E-mail marketing software I’ve ever got!

Here are some simple tips for you to be sure that Subscribers will get e-mails into Primary/Updates tab of Gmail.

  1. Don’t use Too many Images – If you will use more than 3-4 images in your NewsLetters, your mail will either face Spam folder or the cousin of spam folder which is Promotions tab. It’s always better to make your E-mail NewsLetter look as simple as possible.
  2. Don’t use too many Links – If you will use more than 4-5 links in your NewsLetters, your Subscribers will get the mail into spam or Promotions tab! It’s not at all a good thing.
  3. Make it as simple as possible – If you will make your News-letters as simple as possible, there are more chances that it will be delivered to user’s primary or Update tab.

I hope now you got your answer of Why your E-mail subscribers get your e-mails in promotions tab. Let me know if you have any more questions in comments! I will solve them for you!

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