How can I backup my email ID to CD or Pen drive from Outlook

Backup my Email Id: Is it possible to save emails from to a Pen drive or a CD? Yes, and the most reliable method is download and install Windows Live Mail (part of the Windows Essentials package, free from Microsoft here).

Can I backup my email ID to CD – Pen drive?

Configure it with your details and your messages will be downloaded and stored on your PC’s hard drive. You can then copy the message Store Folder to a memory stick or CD.

Backup My Email ID:

backup my email id,

Incidentally, the message folder is quite well hidden but you can find its location by going to Live Mail’s Options menu, select Mail > Advanced tab and the path is shown under Store Folder.

There is another method within Outlook.comthat involves creating a new folder on your PC and moving the messages into it. This has proved troublesome, though; it can affect syncing multiple devices and in some cases has resulted in a loss of data.

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