Artist Leng Jun Paintings Detail Only View By Magnifying Glass

Hello Folks,… The Detail in These Paintings By Artist Leng Jun.  An influential Chinese contemporary artist known for his hyper realistic painting and drawing.

Artist Leng Jun  Born in 1963 in Sichuan, in June 1984, Wuhan Hankou Branch Normal College. He was graduated from the Fine Arts Department currently works and lives in Beijing.

The artist only truly incredible detail in his art work on or off can be appreciated with a magnifying glass is famous for.

Artist Leng Jun Paintings Detail

Close up pictures below and you can observe the incredible precision of his brush. even the shadow cast by the thread of a sweater on the skin of your subject to capture.

Super Realistic Drawing by Artist Leng Jun (3)

Some artist check Painting by Leng Jun with a Magnifying Glass, to real perception of his details of art work.

Super Realistic Drawing by Artist Leng Jun (12)

Contemporary Artist create artwork of young girl. With Green wool sweater and Jeans over her waist.

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