Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn: How Do You Pick the Best Social Media Platform to Market Your Brand?

Did you know there are over 200 social media platforms? And some sources say that you need to know at least 75 to be relevant in 2022. But how do you know which one is right for your business? Where do you even get started? The idea is to select a platform that’s frequented by your audience and goes well with the content format you post.

While this might sound fairly simple, digital marketing noobs often find themselves lost in the plethora of options that have suddenly become available. But, with the right guidance and a few tips, you can make the right choice. 

Best Social Media Platform,

What follows is a rundown of a few tips for picking the right social media channel to market your brand and establish or expand your digital presence.

1. Consider Your Audience

Much like everything else in digital marketing, the search for the right social media platform for your brand also begins with your audience.

Experts from social media marketing agencies suggest that your audience is the most important factor you should consider while choosing the right social channel for your brand.

Nothing else really matters if your audience is not active on the social media channel where you’re posting content.

2. Define Your Social Media Marketing Goals

It is critical to initially outline your social media goals as part of your entire marketing plan.

You can begin by answering the following questions:

  • Do you want to raise brand awareness?
  • Improve your customer communication? 
  • Drive sales?

Social media marketing agency experts highly recommend setting clear and quantifiable goals for yourself on social media based on your responses and objectives. When you create objectives for yourself, you are more likely to achieve them. They hold you accountable and help you plan your budget.

3. Have a Set Voice

Tone and brand voice go hand in hand. You demonstrate your brand voice every time you publish on social media.

Consider the three C’s of brand voice—culture, community, and conversation—and create a list of adjectives representing your objective or the overall “feel” of your business.

According to industry stalwarts from the best social media marketing agencies, the tone is a subset of your brand voice determined by the audience, context, and social media outlet. It is an extension of your mission.

Voice and tone help humanise your brand, allowing you to connect with your audience. Write as you talk and eliminate jargon, so your content resonates with your followers and allows you to join the conversation naturally.

Remember that every post represents your brand, so remain consistent across all of your social networks.

4. Measure and Revaluate Your Strategies

Measure your statistics on each social media network monthly and examine which posts fared the best.

Consider why these pieces appealed to your audience and how you can increase interaction on the same site and other platforms. Cutting through the noise and getting people to see your content is a major task.

If some posts did not do well on various platforms, reconsider the times of day you’re posting, as well as the nature of the content.

Knowing when to publish on various social networks helps you to post during peak times for more engagement and connection. Make sure to sync those insights with your social media schedule so you can plan relevant posts.

Social media is an excellent platform for displaying your beliefs, interests, and personality. This is where brands show their human sides to their audience and develop a more organic relationship with their consumers. A social media marketing agency like AdLift can help you leverage the power of social media effectively. AdLift is one of the country’s most well-known digital marketing agencies, offering end-to-end solutions to build and enhance your digital presence. Visit their website to know more about their offerings.

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