The Best Software for Startup Businesses

You’ve been preparing to open your own business for a long time. You love the idea of being your own boss and playing by your own rules. What many new business owners find out soon after opening is that running a business is harder than it looks.

The Best Software for Startup Businesses

You only have two hands on your body and 24 hours in your day, but you need to handle everything from shipping and inventory to marketing and accounting. You can’t do it all, so turn to some of the best software programs for start ups to lend a hand.

Here are four excellent softwares for startup businesses that can help you share your day to day work load easily.


This all-in-one platform kind of works the same way a pool net does; it keeps everything together in one place so you don’t have to search around for what you need.

Small and start up businesses have fallen in love with NetSuite because it lets you do everything: track your inventory, keep the books, manage your customer relationships, even manage your e-commerce operations. What’s more, because the solution is scalable, it can grow with your business as it moves from small to medium size and beyond.

You can visit them here – NetSuite


If you’re not keeping track of income and expenses, you won’t be able to tell if your business is profitable, but Quickbooks has helped many businesses stay afloat. At its most basic, it makes it easier to manage your revenues and expenses.

But it also lets you create invoices and purchase orders, consolidate financial transactions across multiple accounts, run regular financial reports and even track inventory and employee time. Plus, it starts at a reasonable price ($12.95/month) and does more and more as your business grows.

Reach them here – QuickBooks


Email marketing plays a big role in growing your business and staying in touch with customers. MailChimp makes it easier.

Create templates for different types of emails, from newsletters to product promotions. Manage multiple email campaigns.

Use integration tools to share your emails across social media, and use the list-building tools to compile and manage mailing lists from your website, Facebook and other sources. You can also track the results of each campaign to help you optimize future campaigns.

Here is a link to – MailChimp

Pivotal Tracker

Whether you run a tech company or just want to create an awesome website, Pivotal Tracker will make sure everyone is on task and on schedule.

Use the software to assign and manage project tasks, collaborate in real time, keep track of everyone’s progress, provide feedback and set priorities. The valuable OneView dashboard allows you to see everything in a visual format, saving you from having to pore over hundreds of documents and timelines.

Pivotal Tracker will turn even the smallest business into a top-notch project manager.

Today’s marketplace is so competitive that you can’t afford to ease your way into a sophisticated business operation. Even if you’re working out of your basement, these popular software solutions will help you compete with every other small business – and even a few big ones.

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