3 Blockchain Startups To Check Out Before Booking Your Next Vacation

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can now combine their love of blockchain technology with something that most people love: travel. Startups in the blockchain space are starting to transform the way people live their lives and the following three projects aim to change the travel and accommodation space.

1. Jet Token

To get to your destination, you’re probably going to have to book a flight. With many travelers looking to enhance the quality of their trips, finding new ways to serve the market is changing the transportation industry. Jet Token offers an app that helps you book flights on private jets.

During the health crisis that lead to lockdowns followed by travel restrictions, Jet Token found the opportunity to carry out its business plan. During the pandemic, private jet travel tripled its pool of first-time clients within a year. This increase is attributed mainly to customers’ personal travel.

One of the competitive advantages Jet Token has as a company is its funding source. By creating Jet Token, a crypto asset that runs on the ERC-20 platform, its funding comes from retail crypto investors looking to get in on an ambitious project.

One of the flexible options Jet Token offers is the ability to combine private flights with commercial ones. This way, users can reduce their cost overall or choose a different path to their destination that involves commercial and private flights.

When you book a flight, the Jet Token platform issues a smart contract that provides security and reliability. There are no hidden fees for intermediaries and no confirmation delays.

2. DtraveL

Dtravel is an Airbnb alternative that aims to give accommodation service providers greater control of their businesses. Platforms like Airbnb and others take advantage of hosts while price gouging travelers.

Dtravel puts all bookings on a blockchain so that the entire community, hosts, guests and investors, can determine the direction they want the market to go. The TRVL token is the means of transaction and creates an incentive for users to buy, hold and use the cryptocurrency.

3. Travala

Travala is related to Dtravel in that it provides a discount market for travelers. Comparable to Expedia, consumers can search for Travala deals among the 3 million hotel listings the platform currently holds. Travala is acting as the crypto arm of Expedia and seeks to help the space evolve into a blockchain-based travel and accommodation landscape.

Expanding Smart Contract Use

Smart contracts are bringing fundamental changes to the way people interact in their financial, legal and business matters. The travel industry is one of the areas where smart contract adoption is taking off as consumers look for alternatives to costly, conventional offerings.

Stacks is a project that is bringing Dapps and smart contracts to Bitcoin. This innovative project is looking to create an open, user-owned internet that will guide the Web 3.0 revolution in a direction that benefits the user.

Learn more about Stacks, the STX cryptocurrency and how the project has the potential to create an important paradigm shift. Also, check out Jet Token, Dtravel and Travala the next time you’re thinking about your next trip.

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