Best Tech Companies to Work for in India with Good Salary and Facilities

Here’s a recap of the technology companies crowned Best tech companies to work for in India, during the year by The Economic Times and Great Place to Work Institute. The list ranked best tech companies to work for in India, who stood out to emerge as the ‘best companies to work for’ in India in the midst of peculiarities of the country’s culture, demographics and economy.

Best Tech Companies To Work For In India By 2015.


As part of this assessment, organizations were studied under two different perspectives.

  1. Perceptions of the organization’s employees were measured. Over 1,80,000 employees were surveyed in all.
  2. Strength of people-related management practices of the organizations was assessed using a framework developed by the Institute.

Here are the Best Tech Companies to Work for in India for 2015.

(Rank: 1) RMSI – NCR-based IT services firm RMSI. Best tech companies to work for, offers GIS (geographic information system). Modeling & analytics and software services.

“Simplicity and transparency” are two key pillars of the RMSI workplace.

Employees are encouraged to keep e-mail communication and formal meetings at bare minimal. “Direct communication is an important part of our DNA,” says Rajiv Kapoor, CMD, RMSI.

(Rank: 2) Google – “We’re all about creating an environment that focuses on innovation, enables peak performance and inspires well-being,” says Rajan Anandan. Vice president & managing director of Google, South East Asia & India. Best Google Interview Questions with Answers for General Knowledge!

(Rank: 5) SAP Labs India Ltd – “We pride ourselves on our lack of hierarchy, and the absence of a ‘sir-ma’am’ culture. And give our employees space and freedom,” says Dilipkumar Khandelwal, managing director at SAP Labs India.

(Rank: 7) Intuit India – a company who terms diversity as a cornerstone of its work practices. The company has driven many initiatives towards better diversity practices — whether in terms of gender or special needs. “Our workforce needs to reflect society at large,” says Vijay Anand, vice president, India Development Center.

(Rank: 15) Teleperformance India – BPO company Teleperformance India at no. 15. An HR report called Voice of the Internal Customer which has the views and feedback from employees is shared on the intranet.

(Rank: 19) Pitney Bowes Software India – What makes Pitney Bowes to the list is company’s Player Program. Which comprises a group of high-performing employees entrusted with recommending outstanding candidates.

(Rank: 20) Microsoft India – India’s Best Tech Companies to Work for in 2015 list. The software giant’s one of the top work practice, according to the survey, is: The As Appropriate (AA) interview is a critical part of the Microsoft selection process. Know more about BOSS Os : Bharat Operating System Solutions Made In India By CDAC.IN.

(Rank: 21) Adobe Systems India – At No. 21 on India’s Best Companies to Work for in 2015 list is design software major Adobe Systems. The employee resource center was relaunched in the company this year as a ‘You Expert on People Matters’. This model ensures a preliminary first level response within 24 hours of registering a concern.

(Rank: 22) NetApp India – A regular on both India’s Best tech Companies to Work for list NetApp ranks at No. 22. The data management and cloud solutions company has a ‘Say Yes’ programmer. Where recruits from universities are sent sporadic gifts like care packs and a water bottle full of candy once they accept the offer.

(Rank: 26) Vodafone India – Telecom giant Vodafone ranks at No. 26 on the list. As for how it makes the cut: Angel Stores, which are 15 new all women retail stores, launched to promote diversity and inclusion. Check Vodafone Net Balance in India and Validity of 2G/3G/4G SIM Numbers.

Ref : ET.

best tech companies to work for,

This is the List of Best Tech Companies for Work in India.

So, Wingers this is a technology and it companies of India. Who really great to work with them. Hope this best tech companies to work for in India, will help you to best job and complete your dream of life in 2016. Have a threads on it – share with us here bellow.

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