Contemporary Architecture Style : From the Same Time Period

Hello Folks,….. As Related to the Design and Architectural industries, we many time hear the word Contemporary and Contemporary Architecture Style at many places. When as an academic propose we many time speak and discussed the term Contemporary architecture style.

In professional world, contemporary architecture style and its implementation we see in media, books, news, etc.

Actually this is a totally time based architectural style, Today’s contemporary is may tomorrow’s historical architecture. When time pass and designers come with every time something new and creative solutions.

But at this point i would like to say, First of all we need to understand : What is the exact meaning of ” Contemporary “. So, we can easy understand the terminology and functionality of Contemporary architecture style.


Meaning of Contemporary-

“Happening or Beginning now or in Recent Times” or “Existing or Happening in the Same Time Period : From the Same Time Period”


Yup,… Now you got the some idea and understanding about meaning of Contemporary terminology. So, now we will go over get a knowledge of Contemporary architecture style.

Here, I assume that your have a basic knowledge of Architecture and it’s different kind of Architecture Style or Architectural Styles….. 😉


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Contemporary Architecture Style



We are see here very simplest way to identify that contemporary architecture is also applied to a range of styles of recently built structures and space which are optimized for current use.



Contemporary architectural feature open, flexible floor space, minimalist decorative elements, and extensive use of modern or “industrial” mixed materials throughout. Stripped down, sleek, and elegant.

Contemporary floor plans also emphasize open, flexible spaces, allowing the homeowner to tailor the home’s functionality. Modern or “industrial” mixed materials such as concrete, vinyl, and glass are used extensively throughout the home.

Contemporary architecture are perfect for those who want to make a clean break from the past and embrace pure modern style. This is all cut sort but very understandable way to derive or identify the contemporary architecture style.


Some more features like :

  • Inspired by Function
  • Simplicity in Form and Design
  • Nothing to Hide
  • Love of all things Linear
  • Bold Roof Lines
  • Windows as Design
  • Creative Open Floor Plans
  • Post-and-Beam Architecture
  • Revamped Outdoor Space
  • Focus on Materials


As per my personal knowledge and experience in the filed of architecture, with some guide line and ref. sources (like wiki) available, here i would like to put some more collective “Architecture Styles” list down bellow already, also came under influence of Contemporary architecture style.

Let’s just Go through the What and Which kind of Architectural Styles are fall under the title of contemporary architectural style.

  • Blobitecture
  • Critical Regionalism
  • Computer aided design
  • Conceptual architecture
  • Digital architecture
  • Digital morphogenesis
  • De-constructivism
  • Futurist architecture
  • High-tech architecture
  • Modern architecture
  • Neo-modern architecture
  • Neo-Futurism
  • Neo-Historism
  • New Classical Architecture
  • New Urbanism
  • Novelty architecture
  • Nanoarchitecture
  • Postmodern architecture
  • Sustainable architecture


Some Fine Examples (This is Just a Drop out of Sea of Creativity) :


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So, Friends this is all i have to share with my fellow architects and designers, Contemporary Architecture Style, how to utilize this knowledge is up to individuals as per their caliber of creation. Hope this piece of collection about contemporary architecture style and its feature help in some way to your journey of creativity.

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