How to Get Free DoFollow Backlink from DMCA (DA 90 and PA 82)

How To Get Dofollow Backlink from DMCA DA-90 & PA-82,…To get DoFollow backlinks from the site, the method is simple, we just need to make a “badge” from the site and put it on the web or blog that we have.

The steps to get DoFollow backlink from the DMCA site are as follows:

How to Get Free DoFollow Backlink from DMCA (DA 90 and PA 82)

Follow these steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Badges” from the menu
  3. Select any badge that suits to your blog color or theme.
  4. Put your name and Your Email ID in that form on the right hand.
  5. Copy that badge code from that box below form.
  6. Now go to your blog and paste it in sidebar or footer area.

After putting that badge code on your site/blog make sure you click on it just to make sure it works properly.

you’re done!

To check the status of security, you can try to click on the badge placed on your web or blog.

In May, initially, the situation is still “unavailable.” You can refresh and re-click the security badge again.

If there is still an error, check your robots.txt file. You should make sure that the bot can access your page which has a security badge.

If you have added the badge properly to your page, the DMCA will verify that the badge is installed correctly.

Once it is successfully verified, they will take a snapshot of the source code and save it as a digital signature and then change the page title from “Security Status Unavailable” to Page Title “[Your URL Page]”.

Because we use as an independent user, the account status is “non-verified”. This means that the “non-verified” status is that of unpaid DMCA members. The status is only “verified” when you pay for the “Security Pro” feature.

Although you are registered as a “non-verified” member, when you click on “Show Protected Pages”, you can still find that the link on the badge page is a DoFollow as shown in the example image below. has done:

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