The Biggest Problem With Parental Control Apps and How You Can Fix It?

Technological innovation and the new advances in electronic media have made them kids’ favored passing time. Kids quickly get connected directly with these devices and rely entirely on them for entertainment , social interaction and schooling.

While the advantages of these devices can not be overlooked, the overindulgence and over dependency on them are mental and physical issues in children. It has been found that excessive smartphone usage is accountable for a child’s decline in academic achievement and adverse changes in their sleep habits.

Parental Control Apps,

An introduction to Parental Control Apps

Although some devices have released their own Screen Time application, there are several parental control apps like Spyic available in the market for other devices that aim to solve parents’ screen time issues and let them select their children’s appropriate screen time. The time spent by a child online or on the phone is limited by this application. It also helps a user to check how long their devices have been in operation.

You can also track social media activities as well as their location via Spyic. If you are looking for some guide on how to track a cell phone location.

Parental Control Apps,

What does research say about parental control apps?

74 common online protection applications accessible to Android users were analysed by researchers at Penn State University. The requests were described by searching for keywords such as “teen protection,” “online protection,” and “cyberbullying.”

They found that the top 89 percent of those apps listed primarily used parental control features to facilitate secure use of technology for teenagers. Including all texts and emails to parents, the apps successfully blocked content or delivered reports.

Some problems related to parental control apps & their solutions


Children are able to circumvent their way around everything: Yes, kids have defeated some of these apps, especially Apple’s Screen Time app, by simple means such as adjusting the standard times of the mobile or reformatting the apps they liked to play on.

Solution: On the other hand, by having a different interface for the kids on the same computer, the Kids Place parental control app solves this issue. Through keeping all passwords safe, it prevents kids from purchasing or installing apps and modifying any kinds of settings.


Restart / disable the application: It was stated in some instances that if a phone was turned off for some reason, the timer was unable to accurately calculate and restrict screen time.

Solution: The best solution to this problem is to use some trustworthy apps like Spyic. This app keeps on working normally no matter how many times you switch off your phone.


Limited availability and frequent crashes: The device often crashes with heavy applications or applications which interfere with mobile settings.

Solution: Kids Place-supported, lighter applications that run outside the central system settings and within their own framework prove to be more effective.


Huge calling and messaging services restriction: Many of these parental control apps fully limit the access of a child to calling and messaging facilities. Most parents do not like the incoming and outgoing call and message limits imposed by these applications.

Solution: It is safer to like apps that allow a parent to choose whether or not to enforce certain restrictions.

What parental control apps help a parent with?

Parental controls help track devices for your children

When your children are learning to be excellent web users and make online friends, by checking up on their iPads , iPhones as well as other devices, you must do your role. For solutions, review your app store.

Apps for parental controls like Spyic will allow you to monitor emails, social media accounts, texts, and other mobile features. These support when you’re particularly worried about inappropriate discussions or events.

For example, when it recognizes certain terms like “narcotics,” some apps warn you. It’s better if you let your children know when tracking their devices, particularly while for some of the features, you will need your kid’s account details, including credentials.

Parental controls help save online reputation

Kids keep updating their social media accounts with weekend and holiday images. There are plenty of these naive posts that go unseen. But a Google search has always been all it takes to render a person’s fast evaluation based on what they have posted online.

To find insight into potential candidates online, several colleges and businesses conduct searches on public social media sites. Depending on what is found there, these companies can decide whether it should hire or employ an individual somewhat.

By checking the security and privacy settings on each of your child’s accounts, you would be able to monitor who sees their posts on most platforms, and if not, they typically have the option to make an account private for you.

Parental controls apps are customizable

For the entire family, blocking video, monitoring locations and setting screen time limits can be great. But this degree of control is not required for each and every family member, or at least not most of the time.

Many parental control features allow you to set up specific profiles such that each member of the family can view content online that is suitable for them.


Many of these issues depend on the device being used, the application chosen and the preferences of parents. It is best to review the functionality provided by the application extensively and then choose a parental control app that not only fixes all above problems for parents and kids, but is also a trustworthy one.

Spyic is the ideal app that has earned good online reputation among hundreds of from a parental control app on most criteria and desires of parents, and is worth a try. Remember not to make your presence or love a replacement for technology. Some of the things you can do to slowly create a base of trust within the house are spending time with your children, voicing your worries, and responding to their concerns.

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