Creative ideas for Hide The Eyesores Objects In Your Home

  • Creative ideas for Hide and organize the cords and cables.

Why hide your cables and cords when you can turn them into wall art? Instead of trying to make them disappear, display them on your walls. Be creative and you’ll find a way to perfectly integrate them in the décor.

As you all know, cable storage is a problem we all struggle with. But there are many solutions for it. For example, take a cardboard box, cut out two canals on the sides and hide the cables inside. It’s better than have them all tangled up under the desk.{found on simplettediy}.

Creative ideas for Hide The Eyesores Objects In Your Home,

You can use empty toilet paper rolls to organize and store cords. To make them more appealing, you can decorate them with wash tape.

Here’s another way in which a box can help you hide the cables. Punch out holes lengthwise on one side of the box and you’ll be able to let the cords go through them and stay organized.

You can also hide them in a drawer. It’s a great idea for spaces such as the home office or the living room where you want to keep a clean and organized look.

If you’d rather not hide the cables in drawers or boxes, there’s a way in which you can make them look less ugly. Transform them into power lines for miniature electrical towers.{found on site}.

  • Slot sofa.

SLOT is designed by Matthew Pauk and it’s a combination of a coffee and a hidden coffee table set. This space-saving combo appears to be a simple sofa but it cleverly hides a coffee table and two ottomans which can easily slide in and out when needed. The two lower cushions can also serve as footrests.

Creative ideas for Hide The Eyesores Objects In Your Home,

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