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Modern LED Lights for House Decoration – Spatial Geometric Lighting Series

Decorative led lights for home: Marta ayala herrera and Cito ballesta’s Spatial Geometric lighting series. Reflects on the codification and exploration of space through geometric elements. She presents three different led pendant lighting models which, when combined with geometry, create different symbolizes that illuminate the interiors of modern house.

Modern Decorative LED Lights with Spatial Geometries – Lighting Design Ideas

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La casa encendida is a social and cultural center within a high-end neighborhood of Madrid. That are spoting with striking LED lighting features by Spanish designer marta ayala herrera and architect cito ballesta.

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Being an open and dynamic designer lighting hub, it has been rejuvenated with the intention of offering contemporary artistic expressions in terms of education, reflections and debates. In that sense, the contemporary decorative led lights collection completes the spirit of this venue. Which are includes the designer’s entreplanta furniture.

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Yet one characteristic feature of the lighting designs is the positioning of each lamp. That are in such a way that they recreate the X, Y and Z axes. In the end, we can consider led lamps as rhythms that dynamize la casa encendida with its various volumes. Thus enhancing the spatial sensation of the viewer.

In the same mean: The creative led lamps are design to recover a low-end industrial material. By giving it a new sense of presence. Each piece is made of folded and lacquered micro-perforated sheets and embeds linear LED tubes.

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Ref: image ©yuichi kimura.

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So, this is one fine idea in the segment of decorative led lights. What do you think about it? share your thoughts bellow in comment and also, stay tuned for more updates on modern lighting ideas.

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