Secret Design Recipe of Starbucks Flagship Store at Disney

Starbucks Flagship Store Interior: Secret Design Recipe of Starbucks Flagship Store at Disney Orlando. Begins with a blank piece of white paper. Daniels, who has spent the past few days getting the store ready to open. Said his favorite part of designing a Starbucks is when partners arrive to stock the store.

“They have this great energy and they’re like the actors on the stage, if you will. They’re so important in creating a space that people want to be in,” he said. “That’s what this is all about for me.”

Secret Design Recipe of Starbucks Flagship Store at Disney Orlando

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From the Kitchen of Starbucks Flagship Store:

When Starbucks senior designer David Daniels is challenged with creating a new store. He starts sketching chairs or a table setting and thinks about all the meaningful moments. That will happen in the space.

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My imagination runs wild. As I draw I think about how somebody might meet the girl of their dreams there. All sorts of things could happen there, if only the walls could speak, said Daniels.

As he looked at the original drawings for Starbucks new store in Downtown Disney. West Side at Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida.

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The nearly 4,000 square foot store is a new page in the collaboration between two iconic brands. In March of this year, Starbucks and Disney teamed up to open the first company. Operated Starbucks location at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California.

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  • Design: Starbucks
  • Photography by Matthew Glac for Starbucks

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Daniels, the lead designer of the Orlando store, says both locations are the result of the “magic”. That can happen when two storytelling companies work together to design distinctive, memorable experiences for customers.

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The two Disney Orlando and Anaheim Starbucks locations share another special bond. For the first time, Starbucks is connecting customers through in-store interactive touchscreens. The 70-inch digital display panels – one in each Starbucks store. Use built-in cameras to create chalk sketches of guests and their surroundings. Customers in the Disney World Starbucks will be able to interact with those in the Disneyland location.

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