How to Convert Youtube to MP3 HD Online for Free

Best Ways to Convert Youtube to MP3: While there are countless videos available on the web today, many of you are unable to watch them all due to inadequate time.

However, this cannot be the reason to deprive yourself of some mind blowing content. Besides, not all videos have to be watched when you can convert them easily into MP3 files.

Best Ways to Convert Youtube to MP3

For instance, you may be drawn to educational videos which teach about a specific topic, but don’t offer a demonstration in the video. What about videos with inspirational speeches and excellent self-help tips? Youtube has many such videos which are jam- packed with information and can be equally effective when listened to.

Do you know that you can easily convert Youtube to MP3 so that you can listen to them while jogging or during relaxing car drives? Here are 10 effective techniques of doing so.


Use RealPlayer video converter to convert various kinds of video files into the required format for your mobile device or computer. The first step to do so is to download RealPlayer and install it into your system. You can now add videos on your device to the library of the RealPlayer.

The video to MP3 converter in the RealPlayer can convert Youtube videos to MP3 files, which can then be transferred to your device. You just have to download the video on Youtube and save it into your computer. Following this, click on the convert program in RealPlayer. This will automatically convert the file into MP3 format.

Free Youtube to MP3 converter Studio:

Free Youtube to MP3 converter Studio is a swift music downloader with adequate features which render its job. With this software, you can easily pack your hard drive with some great tunes found on Youtube. The program allows you to grab your favourite Youtube videos in the shortest possible time while not sacrificing on the quality of the video.

Free You Tube to MP3 Converter Studio can automatically detect any links present in your clipboard. You can plug any number of links you want inside. The only disappointment you might face with this converter is that it does not support Internet Explorer. This software can be great for individuals who just require to download music in the shortest time. If this sounds interesting to you, you can download it now.

Free You Tube to Audio Converter:

As long as you stay away from infringing upon copyrighted material, you can create MP3s from Youtube videos using some great tools, such as the Free You Tube to Audio Converter created by DVDVideoSoft.

To extract an audio from a Youtube video, copy the address from the address bar of your browser. After copying the address, switch to Free You Tube to Audio Converter following which you need to click on the Paste button.

Select an encoding preset based on your requirements before extracting the video. To achieve the best ratio between sound and file size, stick to  the default setting. If you require a different option, click on the “drop down arrow” after which you select one from the available list. Just click on the “Download” button to download and convert your choicest You Tube videos.

Listen To YouTube:


Listen To You Tube is perhaps one of the most widely used free Youtube to MP3 converter on the web. It doesn’t require any signup. You just have to copy and paste the URL of the Youtube video on the space provided.

The Flash video will then be downloaded to its server. Following the downloading, the software will extract the MP3 audio files. You will then be provided a download link to obtain the MP3 files. The only stumbling block with Listen To You Tube is sometimes the quality of the MP3 files may not be as good as expected.



Video2MP3 is another exceptional tool to convert Youtube videos to MP3. The software is easy to use, with many claiming it to be the most trustworthy free Youtube video to MP3 converter on the internet.  

Some of the acclaimed video service providers, such as My Video, Daily motion and many more are supported pretty well. Just copy the link of the video to the converter box, after which you get the MP3 files within a few minutes. Another advantage of this tool is that you can select the quality according to your requirements.

Youtube MP3:

youtube-mp3-converter-online-youtubemp3-kadva corp

You Tube MP3 is the most convenient Youtube video to MP3 converter. The web design is intuitive and quite simple. Enter the URL of the Youtube video you’d want to rip MP3 from, into the “Convert Video” box.

Click on convert youtube to mp3 to start the process of extraction of MP3 files from the Youtube videos. An important point to observe is that this service is totally platform independent, which indicates you can use it on a PC, a Mac or an iPhone. The conversions are performed in superior quality mode with a minimum bit rate of 128 kBit/second.

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