NATA Aesthetic Sensitivity Model Paper Part 4 with Answer

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Aesthetic Sensitivity Model Paper Part 4

Note: These questions are the collections of student’s contributions from different forums & websites.

National Aptitude Test in Architecture:

  • Part – A – 40 Questions
  • Marks : 100
  • Time: Maximum one Hour

NATA Sample Test Question Paper Part 4:

1. Identify the given image below?

NATA Aesthetic Sensitivity Model Paper Part 4,

(a) Hagia Sophia

(b) Sagrada familia

(c) Guggenheim museum

(d) Mausoleum 2

2. Find the given architect name?

(a) Ar. Le Corbusier

(b) Ar.Frank gehry

(c) Ar.Frank Lioyd Wright

(d) Ar.Richard Rogers

3. Identify the isometric view of the given figure?

4. Whose building is this?

(a) Charles corria

(b) B.V.Dhoshi

(c) le Corbusier

(d) Daniel libeskind

5. Identify the odd one?

(a) Red

(b) Blue

(c) Green

(d) Yellow

6. Sagrada familia was designed by

(a) Antonio Gaudi

(b) Isidore of Miletus

(c) James Hoban

(d) Jorn utzon

7. Find the material for which the symbol belongs?

(a) Glass sheet

(b) Insulation board

(c) Block board

(d) plywood

8. Which one is not a part of a stair case?

(a) Baluster

(b) Nosing

(d) Newel

9. Identify the given material?

(a) Sand stone

(b) Granite

(c) Marble

(d) Rock veneers

10. One of the famous building of ar.jorn utzon is

(a) Petronas tower

(b) Shard London

(c) Crystal cathedral

(d) Sydney opera house

11. What will be the next image?

12. What follows next?

13. Find out which of the figures (1), (2), (3) and (4) can be formed from the pieces given in figure (X).

(a) 1.

(b) 2.

(c) 3.

(d) 4.

14. Find out the name of dormer given below?

(a) Shed

(b) Gabled

(c) Hipped

(d) eyebrow

15. Which one is the pocket door among the following?

(a) (b) (c) (d)

16. Petronas tower located at..

(a) France

(b) Malaysia

(c) Singapore

(d) Dubai

17. Which one is the tallest building among the following?

(a) Eiffel tower

(b) World trade Centre

(c) Burj khalifa

(d) Willis tower

18. Fill in the blanks. North: Kubera, South: Yama, East: …………………, West: Varuna

(a) Indra

(b) Brahma

(c) Vayu

(d) Agni

19. A brick laid with its short side exposed is known as ……..

(a) Stretcher

(b) Header

(c) Quarter

(d) Queen closer

20. Identify the given image?

(a) Villa savovea

(b) Falling water

(c) White house

(d) Apsley house

21. Identify this given building’s architect image among the following?

(a) (b) (C) (d)

22. Another name of this lake palace in jaipur is

(a) Hawa mahal

(b) Jal mahal

(c) Jantar mantir

(d) Jai mahal

23. Hussain dhoshi gufa is located at

(a) Hyderabad

(b) Mumbai

(c) Delhi

(d) Ahmadabad

24. Group the given figures into three classes using each figure only once.

(a) 1,3,7 ; 2,4,6 ; 5,8,9
(b) 1,4,6 ; 2,5,7 ; 3,8,9
(c) 1,4,8 ; 2,5,6 ; 3,7,9
(d) 1,4,8 ; 2,7,9 ; 3,5,6

25. Select the alternative in which the specified components of the key figure (X) are found.

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

26. Where is the given building located?

(a) Maharashtra

(b) Rajasthan

(c) Delhi

(d) Madhya Pradesh

27. Photography changed dramatically ___ introduced instant pictures.

(a) When was

(b) Polaroid

(c) When Polaroid

(d) It when Polaroid

28. The manager was ___ the number of guests

(a) Counted

(b) Counts

(c) Counting

(d) Count

29. ___ does your father work at that company? Because it’s near our house?

(a) Why

(b) When

(c) What

(d) Where

30. How does your favorite TV channel in your country contrast ___ BBC1?

(a) With

(b) For

(c) Against

(d) to

31. Are you puzzled ___ the meaning of life and the complexity of the universe?

(a) On

(b) For

(c) About

(d) From

32. Xavier Philippe will often spend his evenings ___ upside-down from the ceiling in his room.

(a) Hanging

(b) That are

(c) Which hanging

(d) Hang

33. The given image shows an example of _______ architecture.

(a) Organic

(b) Vernacular

(c) Renaissance

(d) Modern

34. Filippo Brunelleschi is not known for _____

(a) Architecture

(b) Sculpture

(c) Writing

(d) Mechanical engineering

35. Identify the type of perspective view?

(a) One point perspective

(b) Two point perspective

(c) Three point perspective

(d) None of these

36. Tickets numbered 1 to 20 are mixed up and then a ticket is drawn at random. What is the probability that the ticket drawn has a number which is a multiple of 3 or 5?

(a) 1/2

(b) 2/5

(c) 8/15

(d) 9/20

37. Which one of the following is not a prime number?

(a) 31

(b) 61

(c) 71

(d) 91

38. The largest 4 digit number exactly divisible by 88 is:

(a) 9944

(b) 9768

(c) 9988

(d) 8888

39. In the first 10 overs of a cricket game, the run rate was only 3.2. What should be the run rate in the remaining 40 overs to reach the target of 282 runs?

(a) 6.25

(b) 6.5

(c) 6.75

(d) 7

40. The sum of ages of 5 children born at the intervals of 3 years each is 50 years. What is the age of the youngest child?

(a) 8 years

(b) 10 years

(c) None of these

(d) 4 years

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Answers of the test paper – 4

1-A, 2-A, 3-B, 4-C, 5-B, 6-D, 7-D, 8-C, 9-C, 10-B, 11-C, 12-B, 13-C, 14-B, 15-C, 16-A, 17-B, 18-B, 19-C, 20-B, 21-B, 22-A, 23-B, 24-C, 25-D, 26-B, 27-B, 28-B, 29-D, 30-B, 31-B, 32-B, 33-A, 34-B, 35-D, 36-B, 37-C, 38-A, 39-B, 40-C.