Logitech K780 Keyboard is Ultra Thin Multi-Device by Feiz Design Studio.

Recently, Logitech comes up with their ultra thin and multipurpose device, A Logitech K780 Keyboard. This K780 keyboard is designed by Feiz Design Studio.

Ultra thin multi-device Logitech K780 Keyboard Review.

logitech k780 keyboard,

This keyboard design output between Logitech and Amastradam based feiz design studio. A sleek black Logitech K780 keyboard is transitional of seamlessly. A finely speckled rubber – Device cradle in k780 keyboard.

logitech K780 full size keyboard with numerical pad

The multi-device allows device connection by pressing a single corresponding hotkey, and features ergonomic, silent keys, providing comfort alongside functionality.

K780 keyboard by feiz design studio for logitech

The K780 Keyboard ‘device-cradle’, is an integrate rubber support. That can used to hold a range of items.

Logitech K780 Keyboard Features.

Like writing utensils, phones, tablets, etc. This is also facilities without causing accidental scratches.

k780 keyboard device hot keys

its optimal proportion conceals bulky components like batteries and the control board. Resulting in a slight back-to-front angle ideal for typing and an ultra thin board overall.

Logitech k780 keyboard Price.

You can get more detail on price on Logitech’s official website.

Rubber cradle with fine speckled finish in logitech K780

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‘K780 Key board′ multi-device keyboard was design by feiz design studio for Logitech. With color and material execution by Logitech design.

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