From Runway to Driveway: Saree Styles Inspired by High Fashion

Fashion is all about the reintroduction of the known in an unknown manner. The age-old wearers

of sarees could never have imagined how the modern world amalgamates haute couture elements

into Indian drapes. With the Lakme Fashion Week, Indian celebrities were seen in draped sarees

online. However, the elements used, such as sequins, net flares, or urchins, were cross-cultural.

Sarees for women are rooted in the Indian culture and were never a class-based exclusive wear.

Sarees are for everyone. Thus, they are flexible to work with and style, as they have their

historical roots in primitive human emotions like — love, weddings, shringar, beauty, blossom,

abundance, fertility, goddess energy, mother, etc. Such ebbs and flow of a 6-yard fabric has

inspired global high fashion, time and again.

Catwalk and everyday wear are now bridged with a common feminine grace. Transcending

boundaries merge diverse influences with just one 6-yard piece of fabric. The fashion

possibilities are endless!

Influence of the Haute Couture

People often think fashion walks are all about unrelatable beauty standards and attires which

commoners can never adapt to a normal lifestyle. However, this idea is often proven wrong when

sarees come to the runway. With the implementation of unconventional fabrics, experimental

drapes and avant-garde embellishment, runway sarees are making their way into our everyday


One can find high fashion elements in our everyday wear if observed closely. Asymmetrical

designs, solid silhouettes, and iconoclastic blouse designs are now an intrinsic part of the saree

collections of modern women. Not just that, but fusion elements such as,

Your Everyday Wear Can Be Trendy Too

Why is everybody eyeing these designer runway women’s sarees? There is a secret.

Designers are the fashion scientists. They keep on experimenting with practical and wearable

materials. Who says metallic accents are gaudy? Exude luxury and sophistication with metallic

accents in your office sarees. The use of unique fabric combinations, artsy prints and intricate

lacework combine to form an unparalleled look.

Comfort is the queen — hands down! Thus, wearability matters the most. From now on, be the

trendsetter with your everyday styles. Own your elegance like you always have.

What about fusion elements to go with your everyday women’s sarees? Here are a few for you to

consider —

1. Crop tops

2. Shirts

3. Belts

4. Hoops

5. Pieces of Denim

6. Jackets

7. Kurti blouses, etc

Ain’t that more like a Prada runway?!

Celebrity Endorsement and THAT Red Carpet Glam

“Who wore it?” — the most common talk of the glam world. A neckline like Priyanka, or a suit

like Kiara… what about a classic red banarasi like Deepika? High-fashion influences are further

amplified by celebs endorsing a certain kind of fashion. Examples like the ‘her ethnic look for

the autumn’, ‘the summer saree for our celeb queen’, etc keep on being in the fashion mags’


Buy sarees online that are quite prestigious in their look. Style yourself like the Bolly queen.

Steal the spotlight, it was yours always. Glamorous yet wearable — the mantra of your daily life

red carpet glam. Recreate the film festival kinda subtle glam of celebs at your friend’s wedding

in a jiffy; there are enormous saree options in front of you.

Inclusive Fashion and Global Appeal

Anyone can pick out a cultural attire of their liking and make it their own with a fashionable

twist. That’s the magic of the Indian bridal core fashion of an ever-welcoming saree. When

blended with the designer’s vision, the fashion and their sensibilities create the masterpieces we

call new-age sarees online.

C’mon, what unites people better than food and fashion?

Captivate ahead globally with fashion, fusion and innovation. Sarees for women promise you a

timeless charm to swear by!

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