How To Sign Up Mobile Number For Spam Calls And Texts?

Do you wish to prank a friend or colleague? Spam calls can be a terrific idea in the process. A very rapidly growing market is Robocalls which are generally operated by telemarketing companies that do not care about your privacy and harass you consistently with calls and texts. This article will provide you with all the necessary details that you can use to sign up phone number for spam calls and texts and prank your friends.

How To Provide Any Phone Number To Telemarketers?

The majority of phone numbers are unknowingly shared by us on our social media profiles such as Facebook, other websites, Google Forms, and a variety of forums. It also happens when we accept the terms and conditions without properly reading them which at times leads to phone number leaks. Companies usually sell this personal data to third parties. 

In case you willingly want to share any phone number with telemarketing companies and sign up the phone number for spam calls and texts, you can follow the suggestions given below:

1. Signing Up For Free Trials

You are required to fill in personal details along with email and phone numbers whenever you sign up for free trials for selected products and services. These companies will continuously call and text you. They will consistently irritate you by notifying you with irresistible offers. Online surveys also come under this category. This method can thus be helpful to receive spam calls and texts on any phone number.

2. Automatic Number Identification

This is the effortless method of highlighting a phone number in the eyes of telemarketing companies. You just have to call 800, 888, or 900 and this way the phone number will automatically be captured by the Automatic Number Identification System. Next, the number will be stored, and you will start getting spam calls and texts from telemarketers.

How To Spam A Phone Number With Calls?

This way you can take revenge on someone by making their phone number prone to spam and unwanted calls. You can list their phone number on sites vulnerable to stealing personal data such as phone numbers.

1. Post An Ad Online

Another method can be to post an ad on any website. This can be an absurd ad to sell an item or service at a ridiculously cheap price to make people go crazy after the deal. This will get your phone ringing all the time. You could also try to make a profile on any dating app. You just need to make the phone number public.

2. Filling Up Forms, Surveys, Or Registering For Free Things

You can list any phone number on sites related to gambling, lucky gift vouchers, charities, or free and expensive gift-promising sites. These sites will flood the phone number with spam calls and texts.

10 Best Sites to Spam Phone Numbers

There are various sites that you can use to spam phone numbers by bombing their inbox with messages or by prank-calling them. Here’s a list of the best sites that you can use to spam phone numbers-

1. Spoofbox

With Spoofbox, you can make spoof calls or send spoof messages to your friends. It has worldwide availability so no matter in which region you are, you will be able to use it. Not only this, but you can also create a virtual number that you can use to make prank calls to your friends.

2. TxtEmNow

This site helps you anonymously send text messages to any number. Obviously, you cannot send multiple messages to your friends together like a message bomber, but you can curate a custom message and send it to your friend anonymously. This is a free and great way to prank your friends and colleagues.

3. Text’em

This is a similar site to the one mentioned above. But unlike the above site, this one is only available in the USA. Also, you have a character limit of 155, so the message you are sending should be within this limit. Moreover, the site also gives you the option to block your number so that no one can do the same prank with you from this site. 


You can use this site to send anonymous customized messages to prank any phone number. This site has both free and paid versions and you will have to create an account to use this site. The best part about this site is that you can set the sender name which takes the prank to the next level. You can set the fake sender name and prank your friend. 

5. Send Anonymous SMS

This is a free service that allows you to send anonymous text messages anywhere in the world. You need not sign up to the site to send the message. You will have to enter the sender’s phone number (spoofed/fake), the country of the receiver, and the receiver’s number. Type in your message under the 145-character limit, and send the SMS for free. 

6. Send Random Facts

This site allows you to prank your target’s phone number with texts of random facts about animals and other objects. You just need to select the kind of facts (like cat, Trump, coffee, and parenting facts) you wish to send and the number of texts. Do note that this site is paid, and only works for US and Canadian mobile numbers. 

7. PrankDial

You can use this site to make a prank call to your friends. You can choose between different scenarios and you will have some pre-recorded prank calls that your friend will hear. You can set the fake sender’s phone number and make a prank call to your friend. However, a voice prompt saying ‘You’ve been pranked by PrankDial’ will be added to the end of the call so that the receiver knows it was a prank call. 

8. My Tools Town

This site also lets you SMS bomb your friend’s number. You can send up to 250 messages in one go with this site. All you have to do is enter your friend’s phone number, set the number of SMS you want to send them, and then select the Bomb speed. You can also schedule the bomber to send your friend spam messages on a particular date and time. 

9. Message Bomber

This site lets you text bomb any phone number with random texts and images. You can select the theme of the prank, like funny text from God, funny texts from Satan, Coronavirus memes text pranks, non-stop-cat phone pranks, and fake Craigslist Text Pranks. 

10. Blow Up The Phone

This site uses random phone numbers to send texts and prank calls to the target phone number. You can also customize the messages as per your choice. 


The methods discussed in the article above are brilliant ways to prank call or text any number of your choice. You can click on the links given to try out different sites and flood your friend’s inbox with random texts and unwanted calls. You can also use it to light-heartedly get revenge on someone. 

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