My Favorite Contemporary Architects Around World

Hello Folks,…. Did you know that Architect is one of the top five think tank of world. And here I would like to share some of my favorite contemporary architects around world. These are the people who always inspire me in through my architectural career and creative approach towards life.

And If you also like, what is the way of thinking of contemporary architects around world. So, let’s have a go through my favorite contemporary architects around world.

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Top 100 Contemporary Architects around World

  • Architect Santiago Calatrava ( 28th,July 1951 )

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contemporary architects around worldSantiago Calatrava Valls is a Spanish architect, one of the famous contemporary architects around world sculptor and structural engineer whose principal office is in Zurich, Switzerland. He has offices in Zurich, Paris and in New York City, where he now resides.

Think wave : You have to have endurance in this profession. You start a project as a young person and then at the end you are another person. You are ready to go for your passion.

  • Architect Norman Foster ( 1st,June 1935 )

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contemporary architects around worldFoster + Partners, maintains an international design practice famous for high-tech architecture.

The Design Board was created in the spirit of challenging and being challenged. It also plays an important role in stimulating research, as well as in arranging cross-disciplinary design workshops on various issues, such as urban design and sustainability.

Think wave : The pencil and computer are, if left to their own devices, equally dumb and only as good as the person driving them.

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