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All you want to know about “Scotch Whiskey“.. (I don’t think there is anything more to know of ……!). Dedicated to those who love a great drink! Scotch Whiskey 😉 I would like to tell here that this is all informative words are come a cross me on my social medial board recently. And i would like to share this with you my friends.

Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Glasses Prices!

You want to know about Scotch Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey, Scotch,
  1. Distilled in Scotland.
  2. Casked in Scotland.
  3. Aged 3 years and 1 day in Scotland.
  4. There is no need for a barrel of whisky that meets these criteria to be bottled in Scotland. 26 brands of Scotch are bottled in India.

Mandates for a whiskey to be called Scotch whiskey:

  • Some 20 million casks, over 500 million cases, are maturing in warehouses in Scotland. This represents the equivalent of about 10 billion bottles of Scotch after bottling.
  • Scotch is sold in more than 200 markets globally.
  • Scotch sells three times its nearest foreign whiskey rival.
  • A closed bottle of Scotch can be kept for 100 years+ and will still be good to drink.
  • After opening, a half-full bottle of Scotch whiskey will remain good for five years.
  • The most expensive bottle of Scotch whiskey today is Isabella’s Islay ($6.2 Million).
  • The oldest Scotch whiskey on the market is the Aisla T’Orten 107 Years old,  distilled in 1906 and available for $ 1.43 million (£870,000).
  • The highest price paid at an auction for a bottle of Scotch Whiskey is $631,850  for a  6-liter The Macallan “M” Decanter by Lalique, containing a 44.7% ABV Single Malt.
  • The highest price paid at an auction for a standard sized Scotch Whiskey is £288,000 (US$460,000) for a 64-year-old 42.5 % ABV Macallan malt whiskey.
  • Glenfiddich is the largest selling single malt in the world, followed by the Glenlivet.
  • Johnnie Walker Red Label is the world’s largest selling Scotch whiskey.
  • Johnnie Walker’s premium whiskey was originally known as ‘John Walker’s Extra Special Old Highland’. It was renamed Johnnie Walker Black Label in 1909.
  • Johnnie Walker Black Label is the world’s best-selling deluxe whiskey.

Scotch whiskey:

  • The Famous Grouse is now the most popular Scotch whiskey in UK, displacing Bell’s.
  • Mclelland’s (part of Suntory’s Bowmore) is the fifth most popular single malt Scotch whiskey in the U.S.A.
  • Experts recommend you to drink Single Malt whiskey neat or with a bit of water. The water supposedly ‘Releases the Serpent’ from the whiskey.
  • If there is a serpent, there is also an Angel. As it ages, 2.0-2.5 % of the whiskey maturing in a barrel is lost to evaporation every year. Distillers refer to this as the ‘angel’s share.
  • But the Devil has the last word. The larger the barrel used to mature whiskey, the more the spirit that is absorbed by the wood and lost, called by distillers the ‘Devil’s Cut’.
  • The most expensive country to buy Scotch is where it’s made, i.e UK.
  • Although their proof differs, standard drinks of beer, wine and spirits (liquor) contain an equal amount of alcohol – 0.6 ounces each. They’re all the same to a breathalyzer.
  • Glenturret is the oldest distillery in Scotland (1775), followed by Bowmore (1779).
  • Glenturret, Oban and Glenlivet are the three oldest malt whiskies now sold.
  • William Lawson’s blended Scotch, a relatively unknown brand, is a bestseller in Russia.
  • 18,000 litres of Scotch whiskey worth over $800,000 (£ 500,000) were accidentally flushed down the drain at Chivas Brothers’ Dumbarton bottling plant of in March 2013.
  • Earlier, Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse in Catrine village had spilled 6,600 liters of whisky on 6 September 2011− mostly into the River Ayr. They were fined £12,000. ….;)

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