Home for the Elderly : A Modern Building Architecture in Spain

Designing a home for the elderly is a rarely discuss and exploring subject in architecture. But Architect Guillem Carrera, design modern building of Home for the Elderly in Blanca fort, Spain. The Home for the Elderly Project site is surrounded by three side streets, and public green area. But the basic observation of the site and surrounding context. Architect try to isolate main Home for the Elderly building to meet the design brief.

Designing a Home for the Elderly

home for the elderly,

This project have main two functional components in entire complex. One is home for the elderly and second is day care center. But, architect work very precisely to combine this two activity smartly in design program.

home for the elderly courtyard with exposed concrete and wood finish

Architect says, the plot and its environment led to consider that the future building did not have to solve only a program and a requirement of an isolated building, but it also had to help consolidate the nearest urban fabric, creating an entrance to the village with its own personality and public character.

Home for the Elderly Design Fact File:

  • Architect : Guillem Carrera.
  • Location : 43411 Blancafort, Tarragona, Spain.
  • Area : 647.0 sqm.
  • Project Year : 2013
  • Photography : Cristina Serra Juncosa.
  • Collaborators : Eva Crespo Sánchez, Andreu Ibañez Gassiot. Meritxell Anglès Bru, Albert Pons Sora, Xavier Foraste Casas.
  • Contractor : Betaconkret S.A.

typography plan of elderly home in spain

Design Brief of Home for the Elderly:

So, architect meet their design criteria, with proposed to open the building to the three surrounding streets and public green area, Convert the existing retaining wall into the base of the building, and creating a core of common access, for an internal courtyard to each of the two public facilities.

Level difference of the streets, designer smartly meet and derived purpose full solution on that, by creating one street level entry of the complex, at the same time, other side you can directly enter from the street to courtyard.

lover level street view of home for the elderly

The Home for the elderly directs its main space to the surrounding landscape, while the Daycare center directs its main space to a larger internal courtyard, designed for the gathering together and more leisurely activity of its users.

Home for the Elderly Floor Plan.

home for the elderly master layout plan

Creating V shape building foam, with a green courtyard between two wing of it, and covered space have both the side open for deriving light and ventilation.

Material Exploration in Home for the Elderly

The external finishes respond to not require continuous maintenance. The possible perception of concrete as a cold material is balanced with warm wood finishes, weathering steel and stone that lines the wall socket (used in several places in the same village which is typical from the area) and projected vegetated areas.

As for the interior finishes, these aim to provide users with the warmth necessary to enjoy a building designed to be comfortable during the last stage of their life.

home for the elderly courtyard view

So, Wingers- this is all about Modern Architecture of Day care center. And Home for the Elderly. How architecture give pleasurable environment for the user of this building, in all terms. As we seen above, and have a threads on it – share with us.

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