Human Figures Scale Drawing Style By Famous Architects

Human Figures Scale Drawing Style By Famous Architects. These human figures sketches are really interesting collected by Noor Makkiya. New York architectural designer Noor Makkiya has collected twenty-one. Such examples for a series dubbed simply Figures sketch by architects. Which is  isolating them on neutral backgrounds, to allow for easy side-by-side comparisons. True architects, since the early centuries used human figures. Not only to describe the quantity and the quality of the environment. But also for deeper purposes of study and expression. Some used it as means of architecture inspiration, demonstrating the divine power of the human order.

Sketch of Human Figures For Scale Study From Famous Architects

From the collector: “Human figures are typically used in an architecture rendering, to provide a clear scale for the common eye. Thanks to new technologies like Photoshop. We have lost our “ontological dimension”, and the copy paste method. We use makes it easier for us to fill architecture renderings with a desultory crowd of figures.”

Human figures sketches with pencil by Alvaro Siza.

Alvaro Siza's Style to draw Human scale

Sketch of human figures by Frank Gehry.

Frank Gehry's Style to draw Human scale

Le Corbusier’s Modular in human figures to draw.

Le Corbusier's Style to draw Human scale

Human Figure Sketching Tutorial by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo da vinci's Style to draw Human scale

Other architects use human figures to emphasize on the activity within the space.

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