Hello Folks,…. Indian Holiday Home Wrapped By Wooden Screens Also Known Lattice House is located in a rapidly expanding suburb of the city in north-west India, which is dominated by informal settlements that appear faster than conventional planning strategies can be implemented to manage them.

Indian Holiday Home Lattice House was designed by Sameep Padora & Associates as a second home, and the client also wanted it to be possible to rent out the upper floor. The stacked horizontal volumes that make up this house in Jammu, India, are clad in vertical timber battens to regulate the amount of sunlight that enters.

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Indian Holiday Home Design as Second Home Concept

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The building is thus configured as a solid and grounded stack of simple cubic volumes that rise above the sprawl of heterogeneous surrounding structures. “In a context like this, the formal strategy of the house is almost an attempt to visually organize or situate the context through the manifestation of its rigid geometries,”

The stacked configuration of offset boxes references the way other buildings in the area expand vertically over time as the occupying families grow. Each of the horizontal bands is shifted slightly to shade the level below, while cladding made from lengths of local deodar cedar helps to filter direct sunlight.

The dense array of wooden battens was intended to give the building’s exterior a solid and impenetrable feel, addressing security concerns relating to the house’s infrequent occupancy.

indian holiday home, lattice house, jammu house, wooden facade house, stack volume home, second home design,


  • Indian Holiday Home Project Credits


  1. Architects: Sameep Padora & Associates (sP+a)
  2. Design team: Sudarshan Venkatraman, Aparna Dhareshwar
  3. Photography is by Edmund Sumner.

indian holiday home, lattice house, jammu house, wooden facade house, stack volume home, second home design,

“The Indian holiday home contains no walls along its length, and instead uses a light layered skin of open-able wood and glass to create better ventilation while sheltering the interior from the harsh climatic conditions,” Padora pointed out.

Solid partitions were avoided in the main living spaces to maintain a bright feel and continuous lines of sight between the various areas, while bedroom suites are located at the opposite end of the plan from the garden to maintain the interior’s openness.

Rooms on the first floor open onto balconies screened by the timber cladding, which also conceals services and storage on the building’s roof.

  • Lattice House Picture Gallery

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Internally, the Indian holiday home is split into two levels – a ground floor used by the owner’s family and an upper stories with an identical plan that can be rented out. To accommodate the owner’s request for a layout suited to entertaining friends and family, the kitchen is flanked by a garden on one side and by an open-plan living and dining area on the other.

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