Paytm: A to Z Information about popular digital wallet in India at one place.

Paytm becomes a popular digital wallet in India nowadays. Main reason for the popularity of Paytm Wallet is Demonetization in India. But at the same time government promoting digital transactions and avoids hard cash currency. We have lots of doubt or question regarding paytm app. Right – Then I am trying to collect as many as possible information about Paytm Digital Wallet. Also, another point like security, usability, alternatives or options, offers, etc.

Paytm App: A to Z Information at one Place!!!


So, Friends here we are started with how secure is this most popular digital wallet app paytm? Then we are going over one by one paytm segments of users.

Is Paytm Wallet safe?

Security is top of everyone’s mind when it comes to any digital. But for Pay_tm – which is an RBI-approved wallet. – Says it keeps the money you put in the Wallet is “protected under Escrow account with a reputed bank.”

Paytm users Verisign-certified 128-bit encryption technology. Which means that the secret key used in transactions is a sequence of 128 bits. And does not reveal anything about the password length or contents.

The platform is PCI DSS 2.0 certified, which means it does not store credit card data in unencrypted form.

Which are the best alternatives to Paytm?

Paytm is the famous player in the digital payments space. Others are not too far behind either.

  • Snapdeal-owned  free charge,
  • Mobikwik,
  • Oxigen Wallet
  • Ola Money,
  • Jiomoney.
  • Payumoney,
  • ICCI UPI app,
  • SBI Pay and SBI Buddy,
  • BOI upi App.

These are other names in this segment that are popular too, each with its own distinguishing feature.

What is the way to use Paytm?

Download official app from the store (android/windows/apple). OR you can simply visit their website mobile recharge for prepaid & pay postpaid

Then register/signup in the App/Website.

After the registration process, you are free to do anything in their app/website.

Do recharges, pay merchants, bills & fees, book train, hotels, flight, movie tickets, shopping right from their app/site.

That’s it…..ENJOY !!

How to use Paytm for offline payments?

You can make cashless payments using PaytmWallet even without internet connectivity. If a retailer accepts PaytmMoney as a mode of payment.

  • You can either use QR codes or barcodes, along with a One-Time Password (OTP) to pay them. To do this,
  • You need to open the app,
  • Select the ‘Pay or Send’ option,
  • And choose between QR code or bar codes (provided in two separate tabs).
  • Just scan the code and enter the OTP to authorize the payment offline.
  • This feature can be especially useful right now when the whole country is facing a cash crunch.
  • And internet connectivity is still not good enough to facilitate online transactions.

Are paytm products original?

Many People are saying on Quora that Not all product’s sold by paytm are genuine. There are lots of fake product on their website.

Since paytm is a marketplace so and one can sell on paytm like you and me. Paytm doesn’t have the strict norms like Flipkart or Amazon, the worst part is there customer care.

What are paytm coupons Codes?

Pay tm is promoting their digital wallet with given of a different kind of offers with coupons and codes deals.

Example like,… Get Flat Rs 10 Cashback on Recharges and Bill Payments – New Users.

Can paytm be used outside India?

Yes, you can use Paytmwallet for booking Uber in the USA. However, you have to keep in mind the currency conversion as the charges will be in USD.

Unfortunately, you cannot use an Indian credit card directly for booking Uber in the USA. But, Pay_tm said on Friday that its wallet cannot be used for overseas payment under the current regulations.

Can paytm be used for ola?

Yes, of course, you can pay your ride with paytm. But Ola will offer its mobile wallet, Ola Money, as an independent app.

Can paytm be hacked?

As see above in security of paytm, chances are very thin. But awareness is important. To secure yourself, Follow the steps below:

  1. Change pay_tm password.
  2. Change the password of your email account linked with paytm.
  3. Avoid clicking any links you get in email, avoid browsing suspicious sites like downloading sites etc. Block JS globally, add trusted websites manually in the whitelist.
  4. If the password used here was used on some other websites, change them with different passwords (use a password manager if remembering passwords are not your deal).
  5. Check your system, It’s entirely possible that it was a keylogger or infected with spyware / malware. Running an anti-virus scan would help but don’t rely on much, if you sense something is the wrong format the system or better use an isolated VM for payment related websites.
  6. Avoid public wifi’s, it might be possible you might have been a victim of MITM attack, always make sure padlock appears on paytmapp.

How can paytm cash be transferred to the bank?

Transfer Paytm money to any bank account for free (Yes now 0% charges),

  1. Open Paytm mobile app | download for Android | Windows| IOSapp.
  2. Click on “Passbook” option,
  3. Click on “Send money to bank” then click on transfer,
  4. Fill account holder name,
  5. Fill Bank A/C number,
  6. Click on Find IFSC code : Put IFSC code for your bank or Select Bank > State > City > Your branch & Press Ok,
  7. Fill the amount between Rs 100 to 20000,
  8. Click on Send.

Note : Please don’t click on “Return to bank” under passbook history otherwise, your money will get returned to the same account by which you added & it may take up to 7 days to credit. If you want your money to return back to the same account that you used to add money.

Can paytm be trusted?

As concerned about services like payment digital way. Pay-tm performs very clearly. But when things come to online shopping or other services, we have to think twice.

Because paytm have an attitude that after payment services grad is almost worst. There is no customer support as such says.

When did paytm start?

Paytm is an Indian e-commerce website headquartered in Noida, India. It was launched in 2010 and adds to the industry of fintech in India. It is owned by One97 Communications. Ref.

Do paytm sell fake products?

Actually, Paytm is not selling any product directly. It is an intermediate buying selling online platform provider between customer and merchant. So, be wise before buying any product from pay_tm.

How do paytm earn money?  And how do paytm works?

For study entire Paytm working model. I suggest you have to visit here!

How to do paytm free recharge?

Step 1: First go to and login to your paytm account then select which device you want to recharge. Let’s say you want to recharge your data card, so click on the data card tab.

Step 2: Now file details (Number, company, amount, etc.) Of the data card which you want to recharge on the required fields.

Step 3: Click on the Recharge button and complete the payment using any available payment option, like the Credit card, debit card, net banking or any other.

Step 4: Now after successful payment, your recharge will be done, enjoy you just completed your first online recharge using paytm.

Who created or designed paytm?

The founder and CEO of Paytm online shopping company are Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

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Know more about Online Market in India.

So, friends, this is interesting information about most popular online digital wallet Paytm in India. I am trying to cover almost all basic information here. Still, there is a lot to say. But some other time in another title. Have you found your answer in above list? Have some more info. To share with us, use comment bellow.

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