Innovative Architecture of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Innovative Architecture of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Administration & Information Building.  Located in Suzhou Industrial Park, the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University occupies a beautiful environment. Where there is a harmonious coexistence of the city’s rich cultural traditions and its rapid economic development. Aedas’ design for its Administration Information Building was inspired by the famous Taihu stone unearthed around the Suzhou city.

The Aedas architectural practice designed the Innovative Architecture of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. Administration & Information Building for the Xi’An Jiaotong: Liverpool University which is located in Suzhou, China.

Innovative Architecture of Building.

innovative architecture,

Xi’an jiaotong–liverpool university is an international academic institution located in suzhou, china. Its administration and information building, designed by Aedas. Serves as a dynamic gathering place for the campus’s students and staff.

Influenced by the regionally prevalent taihu stones. The structure is spatially porous, containing dynamic inner voids shaped around interior linkages connecting the building’s various programs. Additionally, recessed glass curtain walls break the regular patterning of the horizontal shading fin patterning on the exterior elevations.

innovative architecture,

Project info:

  • Location: suzhou, china
  • Client: suzhou industrial park education investment development co. ltd.
  • project height: 60.75 m
  • site area: 156,597 sqm
  • gross floor area: 59,893 sqm
  • completion year: 2013
  • design architect: Aedas (andy wen, jingjing cao, dongwei wang)
  • m&e consultant: suzhou institute of architectural design co.,ltd
  • structural engineer: suzhou institute of architectural design co.,ltd
  • consultants: afp international gmbh, lead dao technology and engineering ltd
  • main contractor: shenyang yuanda aluminum industry engineering co.,ltd
  • Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Courtesy of Aedas
  • Project Design Director: Andy Wen
  • Client: Suzhou Industrial Park Education Investment Development Co. Ltd.

innovative architecture,

From the architect’s Desk:

Taihu stones are sometimes referred as scholar’s stones. As they are much appreciated by Chinese scholars. They are a kind of limestone exposed to long term wave erosion. Resulting in pores and holes all over the stone. Peculiar and precipitous in appearance. The stones are of high ornamental value and have been a garden designers’ favorite since the ancient time.

innovative architecture,

The structure is along two of the major promenades in the campus and close to a laboratory and classroom buildings. Providing easy access for the students and staff. The main purpose of the project is to house the administrative functions. But it also contains areas for student activities, learning and resources.

innovative architecture,

The porous nature of the stones is transformed into a void structure. With functional spaces linking up different programs within the building. Including an administration center, a learning and resources center. A training center and a student activities center.

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Innovative architecture:

The voids also allow the building to respond to the users. And surrounding context and turn it into a vessel for interaction. The different heights of voids create a three-dimensional Suzhou garden within the building. And provide rooms for sustainable features such as the introduction of natural daylight and ventilation.

innovative architecture,

The project offers a dynamic gathering space for the students and staff. With an aesthetic inspired by the taihu stones which are prevalent in the region, giving the facade a porous texture.

The porosity helps with the natural ventilation of the building. So it increases the sustainability of the whole while also offering a beautiful exterior. There are inner voids around the linkages inside to connect the different areas of the building together. And glass curtain walls offer an irregular pattern.

innovative architecture,

innovative architecture, innovative architecture,

Xi’an Jiaotong–Liverpool University is a new international university. Jointly founded by Xi’an Jiaotong University China and the University of Liverpool UK as a joint venture. The Administration Information Building recently topped other category winners. and won the Grand Prize at South China Morning Post Chivas 18 Architecture and Design Awards 2014.

It also received a Platinum award under innovative Architecture. Building and Structure Design at A’ Design Awards 2013 – 2014. And was shortlisted in the World Architecture News Commercial Awards 2013.

innovative architecture,

So, friends this is all about Innovative Architecture of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Administration & Information Building. And its facade configuration in a something different way. May you can say Out with Box. I hope you Enjoy it.

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