Inspiring Interior Design of Minimalism for Artist Studio

Inspiring Interior Design of Minimalist design for Artist Studio is one of the finest example. I would like to put here for how to utilize spaces and maximize it’s functionality. How do you imagine the perfect workspace?

Israeli architect Ranaan Stern designed and implemented a modular artist’s studio in Tel Aviv exhibiting clever storage solutions. The term minimalism is also used to describe a trend in design and architecture, where in the subject is reduced to its necessary elements.

Inspiring Interior Design of Minimalist Artist Studio Interior

inspiring interior design,

The original looking apartment features 2 desks, 36 drawers, modular storage compartments and pegboard display walls. And if at some point the owners feel tired, they can just bring down the folding bed and come up with new ideas after a soothing nap.

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Although the exterior seems not to reveal much on the contents of the drawers, everything is perfectly organized.

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The artist creates and collects different kinds of art pieces, most are 2D but also some small sculptures, books and old materials. We needed different kinds of storage units, different sizes and

different ways of keeping the new and old pieces.

Explained Ranaan Stern. Moreover, each inspiring interior design, tool category is represented by a certain color. Exposed only when one opens a drawer or any other storage unit.

inspiring interior design.

The closets and units are make of white birch, perfectly complementing the flooring, which is cover in bright birch tiles.

inspiring interior design,

inspiring interior design,

inspiring interior design,

So, friends this is all about how to utilize a every inch of your hard earned money for getting space. Some time it is useful for sparking an ideas for our own thoughts and imagination for creating unique solution for inspiring interior design. I hope you enjoy it.

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