Low Cost Modular Homes Ideas By Indian Architect Anupama Kundoo

Low Cost Modular Homes Ideas By Indian Architect Anupama Kundoo at Venice architecture biennale. Also, give prefabricated toilet Ideas. Display key projects from kundoo’s 25 years in practice. Which she refers to as ‘an inventory of strategies’. if the quest for knowledge is ahead of reflection. there can be destruction. knowledge informs the act of building. And building widens knowledge.  By Ar. Kundoo Explained.

How Low cost Modular Homes Future Ahead?

full fill home idea for urban and rural locations

internal view of lowcost modular homes by anupama kundoo

The full scale setup of low cost modular homes. And a prefab toilet concept. From the team of ar. kundoo’s at either side of the arsenale’s ancient walls.

  • ‘Spirit’: 1:50 models of the practice’s variants on low cost modular housing solutions and public buildings. Showing their relationship to external space.
  • ‘Matter’: physical samples of material research and 1:5 scale tectonic models, showing how the different elements are assemble.

the visitor’s journey between these dualities represents the front from which kundoo is reporting. In the central part of venue, 1:1 scale model for potential synthesis of dualities.

Low Cost House Design.

The two low cost house designs are equally suitable for both urban and rural contexts.

modular homes structure stackable modular system of prefabricated hollow ferrocement blocksthe ‘easy WC’ combines a toilet and shower cubicle either side of a covered platform

  1. A ‘Full Fill Home’ A ferrocement low cost modular homes. That can be assembled in six days, and dismantled in one.
  2. And an ‘Easy WC’ — six prefabricated elements. that can be built in just 24 hours.
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