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Clever Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Everyone has a bedroom, but not everyone has the same size or layout. Whether you are looking to maximize space in your cramped room or make the most of an awkward area, there are plenty of tricks and tips that can help you out. The first step is to figure out what furniture and decorations will be best for your particular needs. If you want to create a project for your bedroom on your own,  you can enroll in the free Interior design course organized by Interior Design Institute

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Add a pop of color to your bedroom with an accent wall

Choose a color that makes you feel good. A neutral wall is always classic and clean, but considering the lack of floor space in your small bedroom it might be best to pick something bright and cheerful like yellow or green. If you have dark furniture, especially wood pieces, consider painting them too! This way they won’t stand out as much against the lighter walls thus making them look more intentional with less bulky pieces taking over your small room! Also don’t think just because it’s an accent wall means it needs to be boring either: get creative by adding some stripes or textured wallpaper behind the bed for example if you want something unique yet still on the simple side.

Keep the room tidy by storing clothes in drawers and under the bed

It might be a good idea to invest in some storage boxes that fit under the bed. These can help keep your room tidy by storing clothes away neatly and out of sight! Drawers are also a great way to store items like shoes, which you don’t need regularly but would still like to have on hand for when guests come over or going on holiday. Another great idea is using hanging storage. Hanging rails, hooks and baskets are all a brilliant way of providing more space for your clothes without taking up additional floor space in the room itself. Also they make it easier to keep things organized. This can be especially helpful if you’re sharing with someone else – or even when you have roommates who might not always put their stuff back where it belongs.

Try an Adjustable Bed to make your Bedroom Multifunctional

Adjustable beds (or you may hear them called adjustable bases or foundations) offer more sleep positions than you can count. The head and the foot of the bed can be raised and lowered to many levels and combinations. Often the entire bed can be raised and lowered as well. The secret to this kind of bed is that an adjustable base (managed by a controller) is paired with adjustable mattress that are specifically built for flexibility. The frame moves and the sleep set moves with it.

Install shelving units for books, candles, or other items

Install shelving units for books, candles, or other items on either side of a window in order to give yourself more room while you’re getting dressed and undressed. This will also create an interesting reading nook if you have enough wall space available. Another option that works well for small spaces is using the top surface of your dresser as another shelf! Use hooks to hang ties or scarves from beneath a console table instead of having them sit on the floor where they’ll get all wrinkled up when not in use (and make it difficult keeping things organized).

Hang up some art on your walls that will make you happy when you wake up in the morning

This is a great way to give yourself a boost. You put things up on the walls that make you happy, and when you wake up in the morning they are right there staring at your face! Seeing art of something beautiful or funny will instantly make me happier. I recommend picking out some pieces – either traditional paintings from pottery barn or Target as well as some fun prints of quotes  or other cool designs for cheap online (like these here). You can get multiple options by buying them framed, which makes it easier if you’re worried about getting stuck with an ugly painting months down the road.

Place plants around the room for natural lighting and fresh air

Plants not only make a room look more pleasant but they also create natural air quality and provide fresh oxygen to the home. When you’re living in tight spaces, it can be challenging to fit all your furniture around any plants that may need space as well. If this is an issue for you, try stacking some smaller pieces of furniture on each other instead or using tall floor lamps with adjustable necks so you are able to put them up high enough where there is no risk of knocking over something fragile.

A small bedroom does not mean you can’t have a functional, stylish and comfortable room. With some clever design ideas it’s possible to create an aesthetically pleasing space that works for both work and play.

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