Creative Lighting Concepts of Lamps make my Interior Design Intriguing

Creative Lighting Concepts of Lamps make my Interior Design Intriguing, But some lamps take their aesthetic role very seriously and they feature really intriguing designs, so unusual you can’t even place them in a category. Creative lighting concepts of lamps come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles and it’s no secret that they serve a double purpose. i) To illuminate a room or part of a room and. ii) To serve as decorative elements.  There are tons of cool creative lighting concepts of lamps out there but the tricky part is finding them.

Creative Lighting Concepts of Lamps

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Creative Lighting Concepts of Lamps for Table:

Lamp L was designed by Anna Leymergie and it’s made of rattan, Japanese paper, linen yarn and white oak. Each piece is handcrafted. The lamp clings onto furniture in a really unusual way. It was designed for angles and you can have fun finding the perfect spot for it in your home. Perfect for both your home and your work-space, Frank is a really cute little lamp resembling a puppy. It keeps you company, sits on your desk and lets you position him in all sorts of adorable ways.

creative lighting concepts of lamps,

Table lamps-2

Table lamps-3

Creative lighting ideas:

Named after the Tonn Ruraigh lamp, the Runay lamp features a super sleek and simple design. It’s an LED desk light in the shape of a sweeping wave and it’s made from one piece of composite aluminum. The Book Rest lamp is for those times when you’re nostalgic about your home and also need something to rest your book on. It doesn’t get hot so there’s no fire hazard to worry about.

creative lighting concepts of lamps,

Table lamps-6

Creative lighting fixtures:

The Jeeves Hat table lamp is more of an accent piece and decorative item than an actual lamp as it only gives out enough light to illuminate itself. LeviTECH Labs designed a table lamp that simply seems to defy gravity. The lower half is illuminated by LEDs and the upper floating half is simply reflecting the light, creating this really interesting visual effect.

creative lighting concepts of lamps,

Table lamps-8

Table lamps-9

creative lighting concepts of lamps,

Ever seen a cloud cuter than this one? This is the Little Cloud Lamp and it’s absolutely adorable. It has a soft and pleasant glow and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. The Anisha Lamp by Foscarini has an extremely simple and very fluid design. It gives out soft and pleasant light and is suitable as a desk lamp or as an accent piece in the living room.

Creative Lighting Concepts of Lamps on Wall-mounted:

Tall&Tiny are two sticker lamps with minimalistic designs. The concept behind their designs was to obtain an elegant product using as little material as possible. They give the illusion of a lamp without actually including a lampshade.

Giles Godwin-Brown designed two really unusual lamps. The Nepa and the Candor lamps both have playful designs and could best be described as two-dimensional silhouettes. The Nepa lamp can pivot away from the wall and uses LED lighting while the Candor lamp is made of cotton and timber and generates a halo-like glow on the wall.

Wall-mounted lamps-1

creative lighting concepts of lamps,

Liquid light is an industrial light installation featuring a series of custom-built fixtures resembling water drops. This is Tanya Clarke’s contribution to water awareness. This cute little lamp is both funny and practical. It would make a nice night light for the kids’ room although adults wouldn’t say no to one in their own bedroom.

creative lighting concepts of lamps,

creative lighting concepts of lamps,

Creative lighting solutions:

This one looks like a table lamp but the shelf it stands on is actually part of the design. It’s called Illusion, an appropriate name since it looks like a half lamp and it hovers above ground on its own shelf.

creative lighting concepts of lamps,

creative lighting concepts of lamps,

The Lunaire Lamp uses concentric circles to give out soft light and to create a calming and serene ambiance. Designed by FontanaArte, the lamp can also serve as wall decor.

Creative Lighting Concepts of Lamps of Crimean Pine cone:

The Crimean Pine cone Lamp by Pavel Eekra is made using 56 plates and screws. The light penetrates through the gaps between them but the plates themselves are also slightly transparent so the light can also pass through creating a warm glow.

Crimean Pinecone.-2

creative lighting concepts of lamps,

Lighting Concepts of Bride:

The Bride is a collection of light fixtures designed by mammalampa. It includes floor lamps and pendant lights featuring lampshades made of paper. As the light shine through, the lamps get a really lightweight look. They’re all entirely handmade.

creative lighting concepts of lamps,


creative lighting concepts of lamps,

Creative Hanging lamps and pendants.

This is the Lamp/Lamp, a hanging light fixture that makes you rethink your opinion about light bulbs. It has a really simple but really intriguing design, the perfect accent piece for a minimalist modern home.

Ropes is a collection of unique lamps, each handmade and featuring a distinct look. The lamps combine LED technology with a textile appeal. They all have a casual and playful look.Designed by Christian Haas.

creative lighting concepts of lamps,

Hanging lamps and pendants-4

Temporaries is a series of lamps designed by the trio composed of Andrus Sta, Studio Toon Welling and Jonathan Kraayeveld. The lamps combine geometric forms in symmetrical configurations. The lampshades are made of wood veneer and offer a warm glow.

The Cape pendant lamps were designed by Constance Guisset for Moustachioed and they feature fluid and abstract forms which can either look delicate or creepy, depending on the decor and ambiance.

creative lighting concepts of lamps,

Hanging lamps and pendants-2

creative lighting concepts of lamps,

Creative lighting techniques:

Jangir Maddani Design Bureau came up with the design for the Swarm Lamp, a collection of suspended fixtures which can be adjusted in an infinite number of ways. You can purchase them as one, groups of three of groups of five.

The Xuan Lamp was designed by INNOVO and has a shade made of bamboo. Thin slices of bamboo conceal the light source and can be reshaped in a variety of different ways.

Hanging lamps and pendants-6

Hanging lamps and pendants-8

So, designers this is all about creative lighting concepts of lamps for decorating your space and make it elegant to live with stress free and happy. I would like to thanks to team kadva for give me this beautiful collection of lighting creation.

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